The company and CSR: an ecological and human transition

For a global approach (in continuity with your positive events), it would be in phase to set up a CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in the company, path towards environmental and social transformation.

What is CSR?

Between improvement of life at work, better profitability and development of ecological practices, any company (small, medium or large), would be well advised to implement a CSR approach. Corporate Social Responsibility means taking into account the challenges of sustainable development, both in social, economic and environmental matters. 


When properly implemented, a CSR approach has the power to improve the company’s operations. Productivity is better, and the company reinforces its attractiveness. A growing number of small and medium companies consider CSR as a vector of profitability.

CSR reduces costs and increases profitability.
CSR improves the well-being of employees: happy employees are productive and involved employees.
CSR improves the company’s image. A committed company reinforces its attractiveness.


Step 1: Designate a person in charge of the project (internal or external)

Step 2: Establish an inventory, a strategic analysis

3rd step: Launch a dialogue. CSR is an approach that is built in a collaborative manner with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders or investors.

4th step: Communicate about CSR, organize effective, coherent and relevant communication on the issue. It is therefore a good idea to make public commitments on CSR.

These will be opportunities to get people talking about you on your social networks through inspiring actions.

5th step: How to control the ROI (Return On the Investment) of CSR measures? It is essential for the company to measure the return on its actions.

We are all capable of creating something better: delivering better value to more people. Enabling all stakeholders to benefit and fully develop their capacity. To be aware of the potential for progress.

Train employees on CSR issues. This helps motivate employees. The implementation of CSR will be all the more effective.

We have a key role to play in building the foundation for the positive change that is needed, to inspire and act. By putting in place fundamental strategies to support an ecological and human transition. Let’s do everything we can & be the catalyst for achieving these sustainability goals. This is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.