For the organization of positive events


ethical events • travel, have a new look • meet differently

Create a new approach for the international MICE & event industry

This approach takes up the challenge of involvement. And it aligns with sustainability goals.

Imagine if every time an event took place, everyone, whether organizers or participants, understood that the purpose of the gathering was to enable everyone to engage.

Suddenly, this experience would move from being a logistical organization, to being an opportunity to enable human interaction in a way that promotes participation and inclusion.

Let’s ask ourselves the right questions before creating an event: what is the best way to allow participation from the people attending? What technology do we really need? Or a need to be face-to-face?

Have we gathered people with the same interest, who can identify with the same group? Bring a strong sense of community (to be achieved & facilitated). For a strong identity. « We’re happy to be together. »

Strengthen our capacity to adapt and evolve in the current situation

Allow everyone to express themselves, and make sure to listen.

It is a way to ensure that all stakeholders move forward together.

Evolve to meet new challenges with a value proposition at events. Reinventing ourselves to better welcome people.

A transformation

The third opportunity is transformation. It is not only technological. The development of human interaction ensures sustainability. If you don’t have interdependence, how do you move forward and act in the long term?

Create a human connection to extend the reach of events.

Participants should experience a moment like “nowhere else”, within a community of shared values.

Our mission is to create bonding emotions to live in immersion, to integrate the event, to be together, to talk to each other. The goal is to bring a real added value.

Finally, through these experiences you influence the future trend.

Creating events bring people together to enable collaboration, innovation and education. There is no “economic sustainability” without “sustainability for our society and our planet“.

Different steps
to follow
during the conception
of the event


take a holistic (integral) approach
to tourism development to maximize and ensure
the fulfillment of customers, suppliers,
companies and places.


Trained suppliers who will act for constructive
change in the tourism sector.


we develop a network of conscious suppliers
who take responsibility for making a real difference
in this professional environment, a real positive action.
Working responsibly for the collective, while minimizing
the negative impacts and maximizing the benefits.

Through a societal commitment

According to your specifications we will find you
solutions in line with sustainable development.
We use a strong traditional value chain.



A selection of hotels with ecological initiatives (with reference labels subscribing to specific criteria for nature, consumption and waste such as LEED or ISO Certification).


For the catering we turn to local and passionate partners, enthusiastic about their land. They happily respect the seasons in order to offer you their finest treasures.

We suggest a choice of restaurants offering organic food (according to a charter of quality and respect for agriculture) for a local and healthy food (& vegetarian for those who would like to discover new flavors and be surprised).


Suggestion of sustainable transportation to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint on the environment (bikes, pedestrian, electric boats) during the stay.

Another possibility: we offer to buy back this carbon impact.

Neutralize the CO2 emissions to compensate for the transport, by charging the amount of the carbon footprint dedicated to the service, and which will have been calculated beforehand. This amount is paid to organizations to reduce the carbon footprint with a real impact on the environment & climate.

Activities :

Creative and playful workshops on eco-gestures (for water, waste, wastefulness, green digital) .

Workshops on the ecological transition (recycling waste, reusable & adapted products).

Ethical charity team building (volunteering day by selecting actions of associations in affinity with your brand image, or financing environmental actions – e.g. planting a tree).

Green challenges (like redesigning plastic).

A fun Green Friday to set up (for an ecological & satisfying consumption).

Visits :

Themed visits to convey the value of bringing people together (the social at the heart of human relations).

By planning authentic meetings. The opportunity for participants to exchange with local actors specialized (in different fields). The common link being that they are all committed to the future of the planet and its beings.

But also inspiring visits to projects that have been set up to promote ecological action.

By going to meet nature, encouraging a return to the essential, and establishing a cohesion.

Around a highlighting of the local culture.

Shopping :

Eco-responsible shopping with locally made products.

In our proposals we will take into account issues such as: advocating proximity (finding the balance between natural resources and local actors), avoiding crowding, supporting biodiversity.

Our approach to responsible MICE & event logistics: think of a fulfilling involvement for all by living significant and transforming moments / integrate it / reach more ecological objectives to ensure a sustainable world.