Save time for all travel and event organizers

Speed up the creation and planning process

Many companies, especially those with in-house planners, don’t think that they need to get the help of an experience incentive travel firm

The truth is that an experienced planner will work alongside you and your team to make the most of your most important, non-renewable asset: your time. Below, I share some key ways a corporate travel expert can save you time.


Going through a local travel agency: a saving of time and money?


What you have to understand first of all is that in an agency, it is no more expensive than on the Internet. 

For the same price, you get advice, security and organization in addition. On the web, you are alone in front of thousands of pages and you take the risk of being disappointed by a hotel or a low-end product. The local travel agent discusses your wishes and budget with you and can make you a clear and precise proposal. This saves time and quality. But if you prefer, you can book your corporate trip on the agency’s website, from office, and then have a contact person in France. 

During 20 years experience, we have done so many programs!

There are a limited number of hours per day, and chances are your job description does not include  “travel planner”. Motivational travel planners, such as the experts at french-events.com know what it takes to get the job done because they have years of experience in planning effective programs. Let’s be realistic, there is comprehensive planning before, during and after the program that can take weeks or even months. You need someone who knows how to plan and execute a quality program and who knows the best properties for motivational groups, the most trendy places, trends and places to avoid so you don’t have to spend hours doing endless research.

We can be fast, because we have built a solid professional network, and we maintain it:


In addition to experience and just as important to save time, there are commercial partnerships. It is impossible to be an expert on the world, so it is crucial to know people everywhere who can help you plan your incentive trip.  At French-events.com, we have relationships with the best in each discipline (hotel, transport, guides, restaurants, activity leaders, rental companies) who are at work every day. This means that instead of you trying to find out who to call, there is a good chance that we already have their contact and already worked with them.


We put technology at your disposal to speed up the work and your comfort


Being able to effectively share information with your team about a motivational trip that includes delegate logistics is essential. You do not need participants to call you throughout the day to ask you questions. We create websites so that people have access to travel information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can ask their questions and register. All this with a feeling of personalisation. We can also customize a mobile application that allows you to interact with participants throughout the trip when you are in France, and in your country. With a single click, you have access to a digital solution that allows you to send alerts such as time or place changes, reminders and even upload photos for social interactions.

Yes your incoming travel agents can save you time and money, so don’t waste more time and let us know that you want to exist!


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