Before the conference: checklist of things to do

Before the conference: checklist of things to do

Here are some preliminary points to make sure of

So you’re going to a conference. The outcome of this event will depend on various factors, including your preparatory work. 

Review the program

Be sure to review the program in detail and use it to develop clear plans and set objectives. Think about what you would like to learn and who you would like to talk to, but also how you will manage your time.

Don’t overdo it; it’s very difficult to attend all the presentations, buffets, cocktails and receptions for professional meetings. You will be exhausted, and you will not get the most out of the event.

Familiarize yourself with the area

Study the map a little bit so you don’t get lost. It would be awkward to arrive late, and produce a negative impression on all those present.

Keep a copy of the card on your phone, it can always be useful.

Organize meetings

Find out who is going to the event and who you will meet, and then go to them. Don’t think you’ll run into your prospects at the conference by chance. Everyone will be busy. Let them know before you come. If they are free, arrange a meeting to get their full attention.

It is not always easy to start a conversation with someone you have never met before. Doing some research beforehand on the person can help you break the ice.

Think about what you need

Make sure you have everything you need, including materials for your presentations and demos, as well as a sufficient number of business cards. Recharge all your devices and find out where you can connect them if necessary.

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What are the relational tactics to use?

Professional conferences offer many opportunities to develop your network. But it is a question of being efficient and using the appropriate means.

Arrive a day before. If you can, go to the event a little early. The atmosphere is generally less hectic and it is easier to approach people. In addition, by registering early, you avoid long queues.

Stay organized. Every conference produces many information flows. At the end of the day, you will have collected a lot of cards, names and phone numbers. These data are very important, but if everything is spread out at random and your notes are incomplete, you will spend a lot of time putting everything in order.

Write at least titles to your notes and logically organize your contacts. You can also add information about the session or time of your meeting with important people, as well as the topics you discussed.

Be enterprising. Some people are not comfortable engaging in conversation. This requires a certain notch. But it’s worth it. So take your courage in both hands, and get started!

More generally, feel free to be proactive and talk to everyone.

Attend festive events, as this is where you can meet professionals. The best contacts are often made in an informal atmosphere.

Make an impact on people’s minds. If you share your expertise and experience, people will remember you. Create new and exciting content, give good advice, and you will remain engraved in their memory as an expert.

Follow the conference hashtag. Most conferences have a specific hashtag. Make sure you tag your tweets and photos correctly on Instagram. Follow this hashtag throughout the event and add those who post tweets live.

Send follow-up emails. Even if you do everything right during the event, don’t underestimate the benefits of follow-up emails. Send them shortly after the event and start by saying that you were happy to meet them in person. Finish your email by letting them know that you hope to stay in touch with them.

The next conference is a little different because you will have to organize it.

To do this, you will first define the material and immaterial framework of the conference. So let’s look at how to successfully organize a professional event!

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