Why and how organizing a conference in France?

Why and how organizing a conference in France?

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When referring to the term conference, the first images that usually come to mind are: a major professional event, a large-scale meeting, a presentation with expert speakers, debates, confrontation of ideas…

Usually lasting one or two days, the conference refers to an organizational framework, in the category of conventions and congresses that brings together about a hundred people (and more) to discuss a specific topic.

But do you really know what this professional event can bring to your company and participants? To find out, we invite you to read this article.

Why planning a conference in France?

The organization of a conference brings many advantages to a company. Very often, this event is planned for:

  • mobilize its employees to achieve a specific objective 
  • mobilize counterparts around a new strategy 
  • raise awareness of a specific issue 
  • to generate new ideas during brainstorming sessions
  • discuss a current topic or prepare tomorrow’s ideas
  • stimulate innovation, open the door to change.

In addition, the conference is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself in your industry by demonstrating your know-how and expertise. This is also an ideal opportunity to establish your credibility and build your reputation as an opinion leader. Finally, this professional event is ideal for meetings: it allows you to expand your network.

Instructions for organizing a successful conference

Of course, your professional event will only be successful if you organize it properly. Organizing a successful conference is set up several months in advance and requires good organization or hire a  good agency!

Why How organizing conference France

Before the event

Establish the budget you can spend

Take into account all expenses, fixed and variable. However, be careful not to rent an unsuitable room because you do not have enough money. You have found the ideal room, but it is slightly above your budget? We recommend asking the landlord the question and negotiating the rate with the person in charge of the establishment by concluding a multi-year contract, for example, or including in the rental rate the additional services you necessarily need?

Define the objective and theme of the conference

These parameters will allow you to validate the profile of the participants, as well as the appropriate location for the event. Do the participants come from abroad or are they French residents?

Determine the list of participants.

There’s no need to invite everyone. Invite only those interested in the subject of your conference. On the one hand, this will prevent you from being refused and on the other hand, you will have a better visibility on the number of people who will actually attend your professional event.

Choose the location

According to the profile of the participants while keeping in mind that the venue must be in line with the values of your company and above all be easily accessible from airports, train stations.

Choose the conference date(s)

You can already avoid dates on weekends, holidays, bridges, school holidays, election days and important sporting events. Unless you are interested to combine a conference during the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco or in France, the Tennis french Open at Roland Garros or the Golf National Open.

Then define the duration of the conference

This will depend on the number of participants. For 250 to 300 participants, it takes two full days, which is the international standard.

Take the necessary measures

Booking the event space, sending invitations and reminders, as well as inviting and booking expert speakers on your professional topics.

Why How organizing a conference in France


On the day of the conference, you must arrive early enough to give the final instructions (usually we plan pre-visits and stay on site for more responsiveness), make a final briefing with speakers, speakers and various service providers, welcome guests and ensure that the schedules are respected.


After the event

Remember to thank all speakers and participants; suggest that participants complete a satisfaction questionnaire; report on the conference and share photos and videos on social networks.

Whether you are a doctor, engineer or sales representative, we all have common interests in attending a conference or exhibition in France. As a visitor, our 3 most important motivations for participating in an international conference are: Expertise, Network, Development.

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