Towards tailor-made and tailor-made trips only

Towards tailor-made and tailor-made trips only

Tailor-made programmes for MICE and luxury groups visiting France

The story of the all-inclusive, ready-to-eat package, as sold by some agencies and tour operators, is almost complete. Indeed, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the number of tourists is increasing every year and consumption patterns are changing: customers are demanding more flexibility. 

The President of Wedgewood Aidan Ford says it: “we must bring more flexibility in the sale of our stays”.

Thus, the value chain changes, so does the distribution. It is the customers themselves who have taken power since the emergence of online tourism. This poses a real challenge for online tourism professionals.

According to our software specialist Julien Boisseau expert, this challenge lies in the development of tailor-made stays on a permanent basis. In addition, online agencies must stand out and add value, so tailor-made travel appears to be the best solution.

Finally, online incoming agencies know their destination perfectly and are experts in the field.

With tailor-made and customized company trips, benefits from a double advantage. On the one hand, it responds to a consumer trend, and on the other hand, it enhances its expertise.

Even if tailor-made travel tends to be the perfect tool to meet the demand and survive in the online tourism market, it remains that these stays and trips are increasingly automated to meet an ever-increasing demand.

How can makes this possible?

Towards tailor-made trips

With application made with the new technologies and scalable process

The tailor-made trip should not be understood as a handmade trip. Even if it is on the way to becoming the norm in the tourism market today, “tailor-made” takes time. Inbound travel agencies like french-events specialize in a destination, know perfectly and are unbeatable on their products sold. 

But the incoming agency cannot spend a day or even half a day designing a single circuit, that would not be cost-effective. From then on, tailor-made solutions tend to take an automated turn thanks to software provided by start-ups, like tools enable event and travel planners to set up “à la carte” trips in automatic mode. For the time being, this is considered a new phenomenon but one that will probably develop in the long term.

This requires a lot of thought, a team in charge, time, money but above all a wide range of activities, products, modules, circuits in order to allow the agency to associate each product and to change them if necessary allowing the customer to obtain HIS tailor-made trip. As Iceland Boutique Dmc, Olivier Didonna director notes, “to automate trip construction, you need a large area of available stock, otherwise it is impossible”. 

For example, the agencies of the Wedgewood group have developed software that allows them to enter all tourist data (activities, hotels, restaurants, etc.). The trip is built piece by piece according to the customer’s wishes. The information is automated. The trip is still a tailor-made trip while saving precious time. now approaching a certain industrialisation of tailor-made travel. Jean-Pierre Gombert calls this new type of trip, the “suggested trip”. It is between the tailor-made and the package. Christian Sabbagh, President of Orchestra, for his part, believes that this is a good solution and opportunity.

The suggested trip is a technological solution that consists in selling a dynamically and flexibly built packaged product. We are dealing with an “industrial” treatment of the construction of a trip on a modifiable basis.

As a professional we see that the demand for tailor-made programmes is getting more important every day.

That’s why we advise you to invest in new technologies, and we recommend using the solutions of the startup

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