I need a personalised incentive travel programme to France

I need a personalised incentive travel programme to France

A unique and personnalized incentive travel programme

When you think of an incentive travel programme to France, you’re likely to picture a remote Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace and River cruise.  Yet nowadays destinations such as Nice, The Alps and Provence are much more attainable for personal travel and not every attendee has the same idea of a ‘trip-of-a-lifetime’. Some may want adventure, some simply 5* all-inclusivity, so how do you please everyone?

For your guests to feel valued, inspired and motivated, the experiences must integrate their individual preferences. Thus, if luxury and exclusivity remain important, personalization is essential to us. At french-events.com we are ready to share our secrets on how to deliver a personalised incentive travel programme…

Let’s start from the beginning

Within your group, the incentive begins to take effect as soon as you announce the details of your reward program to your participants and delegates.

From the marketing campaign with your teasers to the announcement of the travel destination, the planning process is almost as important as the incentive. French-events.com’s internal registration system – https://esus.io – allows guests to register their preferences; from favourite activities to favourite food, we can record the finest details to improve the experience for each participant.

We can also conduct surveys of participants to gather feedback on the duration of the incentive trip, preferred accommodation, meal needs, etc. Giving the feeling that the tour is personalized – even before the employees have obtained a place in the incentive – will boost, motivate and raise the level of performance.

Personalise the programme

Your guests have chosen France as their destination and experienced a journey like no other. Now they have finally arrived in Paris or Nice…

…what’s next?

Make sure you know what will get them excited; it could be trying new foods, exploring local cultures, hiking, golfing, flying or simply relaxing at the sandy beach…find out what’s on their to-do list, build it into the itinerary and make it happen!

For larger groups, provide plenty of choice on activities, meals and entertainment. At a recent incentive in Nice, french-events.com provided each guest with a daily PayPal allowance (rather than selecting a set restaurant for each meal), which enabled guests to eat the meal of their choice at a restaurant they wanted to be in, at a time that suited them.

We made a selection of the best restaurants downtown, set-up a hospitality desk in the hotel lobby and welcomed any request for booking a table.

personalised incentive travel programme to France

Include personal attention

Gifts are a fantastic way to add a personal touch. During a recent global incentive for over 300 guests, french-events.com set up a pop-up gift shop with a variety of personalised luxury gifts such as custom-design scarfs, hats and phone protection shell. This left guests with a permanent memory of their French destination incentive.

On their return home from the incentive, you could surprise guests with a personalised gift, or welcome them back to the office with a photo on your very own wall of fame; use photos from the incentive to create longevity; and run a feedback survey so that you can make further improvements next year.

Incorporate your logo and brand

Last but not least…remember to incorporate your brand and company values into your incentive. Can you reward employees who live and breathe your values? Welcome guests to their room with a video from their Ceo?

Include both your corporate branding and the incentive design on event collateral (invitations, registration, printed menus, hospitality desk, coach, guides signage etc.) and gifts (e.g. destination guides, reusable water bottles, plug adapters, sunglasses, towels, flip-flops). french-events.com design team are experts in creating event identities from a personalised Snapchat filter for a global beauty company to a bespoke registration site in 7 different languages. Furthermore, consider activities that support a local community project or one of your supported charities.

Including all these elements will not only increase loyalty and motivation. It will also generate a sense of excitement and positivity when participants think about their company and brand, which will ultimately result in a better return on investment for your organisation.


Thanks to our tailor-made and customized offers, our incentive travel teams are experts in delivering bespoke recognition programmes that reward your employees and generate return on investment for your business.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to reward your top performers with a trip of a lifetime.

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