The five questions that an event organizer must ask before starting any work

The five questions that an event organizer must ask before starting any work

Travel planners should ask strategic questions before writing a contract or building a program for their client. 

In Event and travel planning, don’t plan to successfully manage an incentive travel agency or event planning company without quality customers, so you must impress every prospect who comes to you. But a partnership with the wrong customer can cost you time and money, both of which can be used to get more profitable projects.

The size and scope of an event can change quickly, and you must feel comfortable with the person who pays the bills. That’s why your first meeting with the client is so important.

If you don’t get the answers you need, or if things just seem strange, you may want to use your services elsewhere to avoid disappointment later.

These are the important questions that every travel and event planner should ask before writing a contract for their client.


What is the planned date and location for your event?

This may be the most fundamental question, but it is important that your client answers it directly. This may be a bad sign if you feel indecisive or unanswered on this subject. Then some customers will need your help to define and select a place, but they should really have at least one destination and one style in mind. You can spend a lot of time searching, and you will spend even more if the customer has no idea what he wants.


How many participants will attend the event?

The cost difference between 100 and 300 participants is huge, so if a potential customer gives you a large number of participants, it is likely that they have not done a cost search.

In this case, you will immediately want to move on to the next question in the list.

5 questions event organizer must ask before starting any work

What is the budget per person?

I advise to conduct your budget questions “per person” because it gives a better idea of what the client expects to invest in the event. Responses with global budgets such as €5,000 or €20,000 are too far removed from the experience of the client financing the operation.

No matter how many people your client uses to represent their budget, you should break it down by person so that you can both see what budget envelope you really need to work with.


 What are the 3 essential elements of your event?

Once you have an overall idea of the budget, it is time to check whether it is sufficient to meet your client’s expectations. 

You may find yourself in a difficult situation. In the case where the client asks to hire the services of a celebrity, but has no idea of the artist’s stamp or even if this star is available on the date of the event. These are the types of problems you need to address from the beginning, and it is often the case that the client fails to mention them.


Ask the client for the 3 services or experiences that he/she absolutely wants for his/her event?

But also, what he doesn’t want!

For example, the client is categorically opposed to serving certain foods for lunch. This can lead to an increase in the price of the menu. Understanding how a “list of services to avoid” affects the overall budget is essential to advise and recommend certain service choices.

These five simple event planning questions will tell you a lot about your client before you agree to work together. And even if new prospects are essential to your event business, the wrong type of customer will consume all your resources and cost you money in the long run.

This way of working with an event agency can be more or less the same method used to work in duo with a communication agency.

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