Other type of local agencies

Other type of local agencies

3 kind of agencies working with the Mice market

Some travel agencies position themselves as agencies specialising in incoming services, while for others incoming services are only part of the business. 

FIT incoming leisure travel agency

In the context of luxury tourism, an incoming agency may sometimes operate directly on behalf of an “individual” client (also called fit).

They are specialized in the given themes or areas in order to provide you with all ready packaged solutions. Their added value lies in the repetition of the tasks.

They are specialized in indivials clients up to very small groups (a group rate starts at 10 people). They offer accommodation, restaurant and shows bookings. They also entrust site research to venue finders or dmc’s.

Event agencies and communication

They work, above all, on the complete implementation of the event, on the promotion of the message to be communicated, in compliance with the client’s strategic objectives. Their added value lies in their organisational and creative ability to cover major events. Most of the time, they rely on the expertise of venue finders to discover the site or sites that are able to host your events.

Concierge services dedicated to indivials or small groups

The concierge service is run by an individual, linked with a network of other concierges around the globe.

The main concierge task is booking all sorts of services for individuals. They do not need to register as a travel agency and a professional insurance is not mandatory. 

Most of the time the concierge gets a commission from the vendor directly.  

We have strong and long-standing links with all the emblematic places in France and Monaco, which allows you to benefit with us from in-depth knowledge and the latest updates of destinations. 

Our DMC (Destination Management Company) services mean that you will have French-events.com concierge consultants at your disposal to offer your delegates unique activities, making your event an unforgettable experience and a powerful attraction for your new recruits.

Now that you want to use a DMC and not a concierge or an incoming agency for individuals, how to choose your Dmc Mice agency for France and other destinations in Europe

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