What budget should I plan for a conference or seminar in Paris or Nice?

What budget should I plan for a conference or seminar in Paris or Nice?

Organizing an internal event can help close ranks and rekindle motivation

An opportunity that is not reserved for large companies, as explained in the survey of the magazine “Voyages & Stratégies”.

Indispensable! For Xavier Magnaldi, the director of the French subsidiary of the Italian food group Weeta based in Sophia-Antipolis (Alpes-Maritimes), organizing seminars is obvious. In addition to the twenty or so employees at the head office, we have about sixty sales agents throughout France. Bringing them together at least once a year to present new products and our lines of communication is essential. To meet, to discuss orally, is something other than exchanges by e-mail and telephone! It is also a way to involve them in the life of the company. In addition, for head office employees, especially in marketing, it’s an opportunity to get feedback from the staff.”

Once a year, he invites his sales force to a seminar. On the agenda, exchanges on the results and objectives of the company but also conviviality. Golf in Cannes-Mougins, regattas, theatre, car rally, snowmobile in Isola 2000… Xavier Magnaldi plans different destinations and activities each time. Every time, we must renew the pleasure of meeting and sharing moments of relaxation,” he assures. With the crisis, many companies have chosen to reduce the budget devoted to “MICE” (for meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions). Clearly, events for internal use.

According to the annual survey conducted by Coach Omnium, a marketing research firm specializing in tourism and hospitality, spending on this subject fell by 4.2% between 2018 and 2020.

A very wide price range

As for the offers, they are always more numerous, in France or in Europe, in castles surrounded by greenery or hotels with sea view. The old-fashioned seminars, with their endless days of endless speeches and endless presentations, are no longer popular. From now on, in order to generate support, it is also necessary to propose extra-professional activities. In this field, the specialized agencies also show an unbridled imagination. Car rally, casino evening, initiation to molecular cuisine, musical challenge, quad orienteering race, parachute jump… The list is endless: “It is essential to constantly propose new activities so that at each seminar, it is for the employees a first time. The impact is greater when you offer something new,” notes Jean-Pierre Gombert, development director of the event communication agency french-events.com.

As for the budgets, they also vary considerably, depending on the duration of the seminar, the place where it takes place and the activities proposed. The number of participants also has an impact. The fewer the number, the higher the price per person because there are fixed costs,” says Chloé Ratel, director of estimates for the event agency french-events.com. For a seminar day including a team building workshop, for 50 participants, the bill is around 6 000 €, including meals, or 120 € per person. It is also possible to find good level services from 90 € per person by contacting a specialized agency or on the Internet. On Wedgewood Spain, an online travel agency for marketing packaged offers for companies organising events, a three-day seminar in Lisbon excluding transport, but including the provision of a meeting room, meals and city tours, is posted from €464 per person. But we see more and more customers coming back to France where prices are now at the same level as destinations around the Mediterranean. 

Budget Paris Nice meeting

Buyers have understood that budget alone is not an end in itself. We are also asked to generate a feeling of belonging for the group in seminars or incentives.

No need for seminars in difficult times? Not really. In a less gloomy context, they can be useful to strengthen teams and consolidate the feeling of belonging to the same group sharing common objectives,” observes Irena Project Manager at Wedgewood Spain. Internal events also facilitate communication and decompartmentalize by facilitating exchanges between employees from different departments who do not always know each other well. A different, more relaxed everyday context is also an opportunity to discover his colleagues in a different light,” notes Jean-Pierre Gombert. Clearly, these events mixing business and conviviality contribute to putting oil back into the wheels and fuel back into the engine.

There are different ways to calculate the budget of a seminar in Paris or Nice.

You can search the Internet for offers from online travel agencies, but when your group has to travel on a specific date and with a large number of participants, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

You can contact a hotel and ask them to arrange transfers, activities and other services outside their hotel, but at that time you must be sure that the person in the hotel is a professional of that type of organization. There is a huge difference between booking suppliers (concierge) and organizing suppliers. The ideal in this type of hotel is to choose a resort that integrates a multitude of recurring activities and a choice of different restaurants all year round so as not to get tired of it.

And finally you can ask an agency specialized in group organization about a particular destination. At French-events.com we have set up a calculator that gives you in a few minutes an estimate of the budget according to the date, the number of participants, the destination, with distinct choices on the quality of accommodation, catering and types of activities on the French territory.

We recommend using the calculator by changing dates, numbers of people and all kinds of criteria to compare what each change entails: a decrease or increase in the budget.

This will guide you in choosing your next seminar and meeting and especially how to reduce your expenses or how to spend less.

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