Seminars and meetings: how to spend less?

Seminars and meetings: how to spend less?

The studies follow one another and are similar: in times of economic uncertainty, companies seek to reduce their meeting expenses

The simplest and most drastic method is simply to delete business events. This approach is extremely rare because it carries risks in terms of internal cohesion and above all, it is an obstacle to the company’s development. Also, the companies we meet daily at turn to us for other, less radical solutions. Our answer then lies in two main axes, the reduction of indirect costs through a better organization of expenses and a reduction of direct costs by accessing optimized rates.

Reduce indirect costs.

Most often, it is the assistants who organize the professional meetings. Whether they are used to it or not, the combatant’s journey is always the same: clarifying the objectives of the meetings to define the ideal place, identifying a selection of service providers, seeking availability, comparing prices and negotiating them, visiting the places, ensuring that the envisaged service provider has the necessary experience, choosing, having them validated, paying a deposit, transmitting information for the organisation of the meeting (rooming list, special menus)… 

Even if this task can sometimes be appreciated, it is rarely the only mission of the assistant. Organizing a seminar takes time, precious time that has not been spent doing anything else. We therefore offer companies to outsource the organisation of their business events by entrusting us with the management of the booking and payment of service providers. The company then uses our research knowledge on the destination France: finding in a single location the entire available offer is the first time saving factor.

Availability information and prices are quickly presented on a grid. No more comparing heterogeneous quotes and chasing information.

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When a company organizes dozens of meetings each year, it faces another problem: the multiplication of suppliers with information in accounting. It should be borne in mind that for each meeting, there may be several suppliers (hotel, restaurant, activity, meeting room, etc.) and several payment flows (down payment, balance, modifications). For this reason, implements centralized invoicing. We then become a trusted third party, a single supplier for all events. The company pays all services to, which pays the suppliers. This approach is transparent (service providers’ estimates being provided to the company) and supported by expert payment solutions.

Reduce direct costs.

From the very beginning of our intervention, we lower the prices of meetings and seminars by favouring the most competitive service providers that meet the specifications expressed by companies. Our customers benefit from our volumes and promotions that are sent to us daily by meeting places and of which you will find a selection in the promotion section of Our approach is based on time. After an initial period ranging from 6 months to a year, we take stock of meeting habits and expenses. If the company so wishes, we then propose a cost reduction program that can use several levers: changing consumption habits, concentrating volumes on preferred suppliers, changing booking times.

Each company is different and therefore our recommendations can be adapted to each case of meetings or group travel. Our solutions are unique and can evolve according to our clients’ needs and objectives.

So when a meeting is too expensive, and our client asks us, what should I do? We provide a constructive and complementary alternative.

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