How much does an incentive trip cost?

How much does an incentive trip cost ?

Price estimate for the realization of an incentive trip in France

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  1. Calculate the price of your incentive trip with our simulator
  2. Steps to create an incentive trip
  3. Why is an incentive trip more or less expensive?
  4. Which professionals are involved in creating an incentive trip?
  5. Quotation for incentive travel creation: what to check
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Today, France is one of the most popular destinations. A. Renowned for its easy access, with direct daily flights from all over the world, a wide choice of accommodation for business groups, a multitude of themes capable of satisfying all kinds of budgets and expectation.

Nevertheless, before announcing the next incentive trip to your employees or customers, it is important to know the cost of an incentive trip.

Don’t forget to consult our incentive circuits to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each destination or discover the differences between each region of France.

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Calculate the price of an incentive trip

To estimate the price of an incentive trip you can try our price simulator (available above). You will receive the price estimate by email. This estimate is provided for information purposes only. If you would like to receive quotes from professionals, submit your project for free nelow. You will receive in short notice group and agency rates including airport transfer qtaffing up to, sound and lighting set-up for your group.

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Steps to create an incentive trip

To understand the costs of an incentive trip, here are some steps that will be necessary to obtain a high quality incentive trip.

  1. Define the needs
  2. Create the theme
  3. Book your incoming agency
  4. Confirm your flights and accommodation
  5. Validate your themes and activities
  6. Plan and organize the incentive trip

Define the needs

Before you even start setting up the first elements of your incentive trip, you must – quite naturally – know its objectives. For a company, for example, you may want to increase your turnover. In another case, you may have the objective of thanking your team for their dedication or consolidating the team spirit that makes your company strong.

Whatever its theme, your incentive trip must be designed with employees and objectives in mind.

Create the theme

Once you know the important criteria that your event trip should include, you can find out about destination trends and contact an independent freelance travel planner or an agency to organize your incentive trip globaly.

After several returns, the travel planner will be able to start planning your trip to France. If he is specialized in France he will also be able to make the circuits dynamic. Otherwise, you will need to find a travel planner specializing in incentive travel in general.

The planning of the corporate event being quite simple, it is not uncommon to find guides who master all the production of this type of event (from the creation of tours to the coordination in the field of travel).

Book your incoming agent

When you know exactly what your event trip is about, it’s time to choose an agent in France. This step is essential: you must find an official agency with insurance and travel licence that is able to represent you, negotiate on your behalf, guide you in your strategic and budgetary choices. Its network, its influence on the supplier chain is an additional guarantee. Question tourist offices and hoteliers about the achievements and quality of this receptive agent. See our testimonial page.

Then, it is necessary to think about reserving your incoming agency, by choosing the solution best suited to your needs: the travel planner’s price will increase if you ask for more work and presence, but may decrease if he is paid by the suppliers who give him a commission. For example at, the hosting service is free, simply because pays for the time spent working on this item by commission retrocessions at the end of the year.

Confirm your flights and accommodation

When your travel planner is confirmed and booked, it is time to confirm the option on the flight. Of course, if you go through a travel agency, they will make this reservation for you. Otherwise, each participant can personally book their flights and benefit from airline loyalty programs, such as Sky blue (same for accommodation, with the Accor group, for example)

Validate your themes and activities

When the destination is validated, the air and accommodation are secured: as a first step, it is possible to make an option for a short period of time (without commitment) in order to check the availability of all suppliers and their services.

Once the flight and the hotel have been booked correctly (option or deposit), the themes and activities can be integrated, taking into account the expectations of the organising company.

Finally, throughout the preparation, organisation and execution of the trip, but also during the after-trip, an advisory service is essential if you do not understand French too much. You must have a contact person available to follow and control the company trip in case of problems or changes.

He must be proactive in order to anticipate eventualities and reactive to manage the different suppliers.


Why is an incentive trip more or less expensive ?

The method of creation

Initially, the price of an incentive trip will be different depending on the method used for the creation: working independently, using freelancers or using specialised agencies are all approaches involving very variable costs.


The creation of the theme and program

Thereafter, the creation of the theme and its program also represents a cost that can vary the price of your event.

In concrete terms, we know that some themes and services are recurrent at the destination. Although participants expect to experience these stereotypical performances, it is recognized that these recurring programs generally offer little originality and choice and are not decisive enough to validate the choice of destination and especially not motivating enough for employees.

In the end, the professionals who advise you generally direct you towards high-end programmes or the creation of a tailor-made event for more freedom in creativity.

If you keep it simple in the design of your incentive trip and simply want to customize it with your company’s colors, the price will be relatively low.

On the other hand, if it is necessary to develop tailor-made services, create an online customer space, add samples representative of the destination or dedicate a full-time person to the project, the cost of travel will necessarily be higher. Under these conditions, it will be more advantageous to use an incoming agency specialized on the destination (see the rates of a Dmc)

Finally, if you want to attract participants through a competition, you will need to find a Marketing Consultant to help you. Once again, this action represents a financial investment that cannot be neglected in a budget. On the other hand, this initiative, which can be costly, can help you boost your turnover.


Which professionals are involved in creating an incentive trip?

The price of an incentive trip necessarily depends on the prices charged by the professionals you contact. Indeed, in order for your incentive program to be ready for use, it will be necessary to use many service providers, each with their own expertise.

First of all, the travel agency will validate the destinations that correspond to the timing of the corporate event. It will be able to offer group flights, services, standardised programmes on the destination and budgets according to the desired level of quality.

The incoming agency in France will continue by submitting unique, authentic services and will check the availability of multiple suppliers. The latter has a very important role in the creation of your event. Its essential services such as the coordination of land transport, the management and guidance staff, the coordination of the various service providers, can therefore weigh on your budget, but, if it does its job well, your incentive will be easy to manage and functional.

Then, to regularly communicate your events, you will need to collaborate with an event and human resources communication agency – ideally specialized in employee motivation programs.

To conclude, I would say that your budget must be proportional to the expectations of your return on investment. The creation of an incentive trip involves the application of many skills and, therefore, collaboration with several professionals. To save money with a simple incentive trip, you can go through general freelancers who master all the steps to create a program, plan it, even organize it in France. To control the cost of the incentive trip, do not hesitate to check the quotes and services of each vendor by submitting a project free of charge on

The objectives of the event and your budget will determine the price of your incentive trip. If the objective is just to help you make reservations for accommodation, restaurants and one or two activities, you will not need a tailor-made program and big options.

If you want a corporate trip with more content, the theme will not be too expensive to conceptualize and you will have a small budget to plan and create the program.

If you want a luxury tailor-made trip, the budget will necessarily increase, but you will get a much higher return on investment and a much more rewarding return for the employees and especially for the company.


Quotation for an incentive trip: what to check

You have contacted travel professionals and received quotes for the destination France in connection with your request. Before accepting a commercial offer, look closely at it to see if it is honest: always check the professional’s pricing. For example, the cost of a travel planner can be based on a fixed price. In this sense, do not hesitate to ask the service provider what is included in the price, if it is not indicated in the quote.

Concerning the travel program and, consequently, the estimate of your travel planner, check that it includes cancellation fees, insurance, taxes, tips. Concretely, if he has created a tailor-made tour for you, he knows the quantitative and chronological constraints of the services and providers. On the other hand, make sure that if the quantities or schedules change, it does not impact your program and your budget.

Each destination is constantly changing, ask your local agent to update the roadmap regularly.

It is up to you to inform your agent of any changes coming from your side (number of participants, food intolerances)

Generally speaking, all good quotes include daily monitoring and validation at each step and supplier. Thus, during several months or weeks, the travel planner agrees to help you in the event of a problem directly related to his intervention. If this service is not available and you do not have much knowledge of the trip, look for – preferably – another professional.

The process to estimate the price of a conference in a major French city takes a bit less of time.


Staffing rates on

We have calculated an average of the hourly rates offered by our freelance tour leaders in France for information purposes only.
Professions rates Hourly rate Find profiles

Freelance tour leader 25€ Tour-leader
Official guide & tour-leader 29€ Guide & tour-leader
Independent travel planner 44€ planner
Agency travel planner 27€ Agency travel planner
Incoming travel planner 35€ Incoming planner
Marketing agency manager 68€ Marketing manager

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