How to choose the best seminar venue?

How to choose the best seminar venue? shares with you the questions to ask yourself as well as the essential criteria to select the most appropriate seminar or conference venue.

Define the purpose of your seminar 

Organizing a seminar is part of a desire to share and gather around a common project. A project that constitutes a high point of the company’s / group’s news, and which must be successful: a success that requires organization, programming, workshops, but also and above all the region and the place. The latter must be chosen according to the objectives given by the organizers. In order to refine their search, asks itself 2 questions:

 Why organize a professional seminar?

First of all, it is necessary to know the reasons for organising a seminar: announcement of a strategic plan, training on a new tool, welcoming newcomers, teambuilding, co-designing a new project… Indeed, a professional seminar is above all a message to embody and make tangible, through a speech, activities but also a place, for your employees.

What is the purpose of this professional seminar for your employees?

A professional seminar is a great opportunity to speak out and inspire a positive dynamic among your employees. In order to make the seminar more efficient, it is necessary to reflect on the final objective of this meeting for the participants: to be more federated ? to be committed to a common future ? to know a tool?… It is according to this objective that the seminar must be built, both on its program, its workshops and its activities. Thus, it is necessary to find a place that embodies the purpose of the seminar, and whose rental offers and activities in the surrounding area serve the overall purpose of your event.

Determine the region and it’s airport

Once the content of your seminar has been defined, you must start looking for a venue to host this event. That’s when comes in. With its extensive catalogue of event venues, restaurants, caterers and activities, offers you a list of service providers that meet your expectations. From the beginning, in order to refine the search later on, 3 criteria must be taken into account:

The geographical location

With regard to the purpose of the seminar, it may be advisable to organise your professional event at the sea, in the mountains, in Europe… in order to embody your message and make this event even more memorable.

Logistical constraints with travel time are also taken into account. Indeed, depending on the number of participants and the budget, the location of your seminar can totally change. In case it is necessary to travel far away, the travel time can be used to create meetings, connections and start the seminar from the beginning.

In the event that each participant has to travel to the seminar site by his or her own means, it is essential to favour nearby regions as well as establishments and cities that are easily accessible by road.

Eiffel tower meeting IT


A second constraint comes into play: seasonality. A seminar is often organised on a specific date. This date should be taken into account in his search for places: moving away from very tourist places in summer to avoid financial problems, favouring off-peak periods with winter by the sea and summer in the mountains… Seasonality must also be taken into account in the case where outdoor activities are privileged. In large cities, it is important to know the calendar of fairs and exhibitions in order to avoid these periods when prices soar.

Choose the type of establishment

After choosing the region and city for your next seminar, you must now find the right institution. Several criteria must be taken into account:

Capacity and services offered

Your choice of establishment must first be based on its capacity and the services offered: does it have enough rooms? Is the standing of the meeting rooms up to par? How many stars? What are the opinions of previous customers? What services are available? Does the place have Wi-Fi? A necessary attention to detail to know the entire offer of the establishment for a pleasant, comfortable and reassuring seminar for both organizers and employees. project managers can help you by sharing their knowledge of the establishments but also the opinions and comments of previous bookers.

Meeting spaces at your disposal

In order to specify your search for an establishment, it is necessary to define down to the smallest detail the process of your seminar, both in the content broadcast and the workshops. This is the famous definition of the specifications.

To begin, it is necessary to define the technical needs of your seminar: projection, videoconferencing, paperboard, round tables… Then specify the logistical constraints: for example, the organization of workshops where participants are divided into 4 groups of 10 people raises the question of the number of sub-committee rooms required or the modularity of the spaces.

In some cities, it is possible not to have an establishment offering both a hotel and an event offer. This specificity can become an asset for your seminar: the travel time then becomes a time of meeting, discovery or visit, for ever more memorable memories.

Activities in the vicinity

Indeed, a seminar is all the more efficient and effective if it offers parallel fun activities. Like team buildings, professional seminars are an opportunity to embody messages of “federation”, “challenge”, “combativity” through sports or cultural activities involving all participants. offers you for each city in France, both offers of establishments for your seminars, but also activities close to the city centres or further away to discover the region.


In conclusion, choosing a venue for your professional seminar is an essential and key choice for the success of your event., specialist in professional seminars, is at your service to assist you in finding this exceptional place, adapted to your request and your budget. Feel free to contact our project managers to discuss your future seminar together.

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