Find the best hotels and conference venues for your group event

Find the best hotels and conference venues for your group event find the perfect place for the event of your corporate group organization and bring you customized service.

We select best hotels, venues, conference rooms and event private rooms available according to your specifications. 

Within several hours you receive the provider’s quote that we have recommended. We manage: negotiation, purchasing, invoicing and reporting, and you get the best value on the market. 

A satisfaction rate of over 96% over the 173 latest business events organized.

Our commitment to the success of your event

  • We dedicate a privileged interlocutor
  • Guarantee the perfect location and room for your next event
  • You get best value for money service
  • We ensure the success of your event

Our service “conference space research” is entirely free.  

Our “venue finding” service is absolutely free for the organisation of an event’, and without additional costs for the end client. Our remuneration by the partner hotel & venues is according to the work carried out in highlighting the seminar venues with our guides, on our internet sites, at business tourism trade fairs …and for the sales and marketing work that undertakes prior to the request for an estimate. Once the contract is established between the event planner and the venue, the venue’s general sales conditions apply.

French Events’ commitments to the organisation of your meeting

1 – To offer a “contact person” to define your specifications

  • For, human relations, advice and exchange are at the heart of our work. In order to establish and maintain a lasting relationship, special team staffs are attributed to our client organisers. What could be more comfortable for your event organisation than to be able to rely upon an expert who knows you, who is familiar with the culture of your business, your habits and your expectations?
  • Whether it is for a meeting of 10 people or a convention of 2000 people, it is essential that we understand you. We therefore take the necessary time to comprehensively go through your specifications and fully understand the issues surrounding your event. We know that the success in the organisation of a conference or a travel incentive is down to the details that have been perfectly executed.
  • Once you have decided to organize a conference, an incentive, or an event, call our experts on +33 144549000.
  • They are at your service 5 days a week from 9 am to 18pm, to bring you a personalized service and help you define your needs, understand your expectations, your motivations and issues and thus validate your specifications.


 2 – To research and select the most suitable establishments with rigorous and objective criteria

  • The rigorous selection of spaces and our strong knowledge of the market and its participants, allow you to receive a coherent choice among which you can choose the perfect place. We always work objectively and, according to our recommendations, it is always the corporate client who chooses his preferred site!
  • defines partner institutions that match your needs, ensures their availability and communicates your written specifications for the organization of the seminar. For the organisation of your business seminar, congress, convention or any other event, we guarantee you a recommendation of sites within the day and the sending of quotations within 24 to 48 hours. 
  • In day of your request, transmits the list of venues which could meet your needs and available for your dates, with a detailed presentation of each site.
  • 24 hours (48 hours for complex cases), you receive directly from each institution a personalized quote. You will be in direct contact with our vendor
  •  partners. Through our special partnership you get the best quality-service-price on the desired date.
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3 – You benefit from the best quality/price relationship on the market 

  • We make our purchasing and negotiation power available to you so as to enable you to obtain the best offer for the requested date. Our event organisation service is entirely free; it’s offered to you by our partners as remuneration for providing you with this quality service. You receive the quotation directly from the hotel’s sales department. The offer is transparent and without additional invoicing.
  • On request, we can receive all offers for you, so you do not have a direct contact with hotel partners and we give you a summary table of the situation
  • Benefit from the expert advice of We support you in your efforts to organize your inspection visits, the evolution of your project, negotiating the best rates, terms and conditions of sale.
  • When you have chosen the best seminar venue: you contract directly with our hotel & venue partner. You will therefore have a dedicated partner who will follow your event with you until your departure. We can cancel the sites that you have not considered. 

4 – To guarantee the quality of an event site & final evaluation

  • When your event is over, we systematically conduct a post-event evaluation: our rate of satisfaction is 96 % for the last 173 seminars organised. This rate of satisfaction is the fruit of a selection policy based upon the strict quality criteria of the partners that are proposed to you. 

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