Sporting events

Why make an incentive around a sports event?

Corporate sports events

Are you looking for an activity that allows you to share a privileged moment with your best customers, collaborators or prospects? Who brings you together in an original context and makes you share a unique experience? Why not attend or participate in a sporting event? The values of sport resonate in the business world and sporting events are an opportunity to forge or strengthen the bonds between participants and spectators. Share strong emotions that will leave a lasting impression on your partners.

Why organise a sporting event?

A sporting event is an excellent pretext to invite your clients and business relations to join you for a day or an evening in an informal atmosphere. They will be all the more willing to take part if the setting is prestigious or if the sporting competition is of great importance. Sport lends itself wonderfully to business tourism and offers a warm and friendly context for your professional meetings.

Whether you are participants or mere spectators, you will share with your team or partners a rich human experience and forge strong relationships with them. Indeed, sport is an unequalled vector of integration which favours cohesion within the group.

Organising your company’s participation in a sporting event means leaving room for emotions and favouring real-life experiences over long speeches to convince. Sharing memorable moments means creating common memories and a collective vision of the impressions felt. It means taking advantage of the intensity of an event to leave a mark on people’s minds and to convey the values of exchange and sharing., event and receptive agency, will help you to choose the discipline whose values are in line with those of the company for a major impact. Rigour, team spirit, resistance, adaptability or precision, the noblest values of the corporate world find their resonance in sport. Participating in or attending a sporting competition means rallying your team around these key values and uniting your employees towards a common goal.

Choosing a local travel agency, an expert event agency in the field of sports events, will organise for you all the program and logistics related to the participation of your company, whether as a spectator or participant. We thus elaborate for you privileged moments in the respect of your budget and your objectives.

You no longer have to worry about transport, reception, accommodation, catering or ticket reservations, and you can enjoy the event without stress or unexpected events. Whether in France or abroad, we take care of every aspect of your participation. You can choose to attend or participate in a sporting event only, but also include this privileged moment in an incentive trip, a seminar or a team building session.

By researching and negotiating each service, we give you the benefit of our network and our expertise in event organisation to concoct a VIP programme. Seats of choice during competitions, meetings with sportsmen and women or big names of the sport, everything will be done to make this moment a unique souvenir for you and your guests.

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Attend major sporting events

You can choose from a wide range of sporting events and competitions according to your tastes, your objectives, the sporting news of the year or the season: races, matches, tournaments etc.

Football: Experience the good atmosphere and the biggest matches of the Euro, the Champions League or the World Cup!

Rugby: Vibrate to the rhythm of the Six Nations tournament, the European Cup or the World Cup.

Formula 1 and Motobike GP : Attend the most beautiful races on the mythical circuits of Monaco, Paul Ricard …

Tennis : (Re)discover the mythical Davis Cup courts, from the French Open to Roland-Garros and experience the magic of a noble and exciting sport.

Olympic Games: Book your stays for Paris 2024.

Paris Marathon: Unite in effort and take part as a group in this mythical race with its unique atmosphere.

Sports and incentive team building

Sport is ideal to gather your teams around key values: respect for others, union of skills in the pursuit of a common goal, fair play, perseverance and adaptability during a sports team building. It is therefore the perfect activity to reward your employees, stimulate cohesion within the group, promote integration and highlight the strengths of each individual.

Sports seminar

A sports seminar allows your employees to get to know each other better outside the strictly professional framework. The tour operator will help you choose the best destination to integrate sports activities into your programme and achieve your managerial objectives.

Organisation of company tournaments and trophies

Organising a tournament or company trophies means setting up a climate of healthy emulation between your different teams, the players in your sector or even your competitors. It means getting to know your partners, customers or prospects better and motivating your group with a common goal while creating a good mood.

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