Product launch

Positive impact with a product launch

Are you looking for an idea to launch your new product or services that can make a difference and have a positive impact in terms of turnover?

Do you have any questions about how to organize a good product launch? The team invites you to privatize a venue, an open space in the center of the city and decorate it entirely in the colors of your brand.

By welcoming your guests, customers and salespeople to an original or emblematic venue, you will create the event and enjoy an excellent return on investment.

How to successfully launch your new product?

Mark the spirits on the day of the event

As business leaders know, you must continually stand out from the competition to stay one step ahead of sales. An original product launch will have a significant and rapid impact, it is essential to make your event a success by using creativity.

This is the highlight of the preparation, the D-day must be a fireworks display for miles around!

The teams at are specialized in business tourism, in particular all that appeals to MICE and know how to organize this type of event.

Our teams will accompany you and will be there to make sure that your launch day and evening will be unforgettable for your guests. Building a real value proposition by differentiating yourself and yourself will create the necessary enthusiasm and attention around your product.

Take advantage of our experience and know-how to plan every moment of your corporate event.

Product launch beach

Spark interest by choosing a place and original activities

By inviting your employees and the media to a seminar on the Côte d’Azur or at the gates of a ski valley, you will make all the difference.

We also have many original sites in the Paris region to avoid long transport times, near CDG airport.

As we know, the choice of launch site depends largely on the location of your airport and the points of sale concerned.

You can also opt for a package that includes accommodation in a chalet, a bungalow on the beach, a train and why not a liner!

The choice of an original venue that will make a lasting impression will only further enhance the success of your event.

The production of the launch of your company by in France will arouse even more interest from participants by making this event original and interactive.

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