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What is an incentive trip and how to organize it?

What is an incentive trip and how to organize it?

Incentive travel is a buzzword used by event agencies, then relayed by the media and websites, sometimes missing its definition, yet very useful for companies and decision-makers in everything that concerns the organisation of events. French-Events fills the gap and tells you everything about this motivational practice, what are the benefits for your teams and above all how to organize it and give it all the benefits you are looking for.

When we mention this word, we must also associate it with the Mice business tourism word, since it is not simply a question of paying holidays to your employees, but above all of working as a team on the basis of last year’s results or anticipation for the coming year. The destination chosen is intended to make you dream, of course, but it must also correspond to the image of the company and the message you wish to convey: challenge, surpassing oneself, gratification, cohesion, solidarity… believes that travel is to animate, federate, thank or develop loyalty but also to meet, explore and bring people together. Incentive travel is a real human vector, a relational tool in itself. We make the emotion central in order to make it a unique moment in everyone’s mind, by working well beyond the simple logistical approach: theme, destination, group activities, communication, organization… are all keys that transform a simple trip into an unforgettable stay. Or how to live strong moments with others, for beautiful, common and authentic memories.

As you will have understood, the organisation does not only depend on the destination but also and above all on the content. So to ensure an optimized, efficient and successful stay, it is preferable to be accompanied by a competent and creative event agency for several reasons:
They know their business, what works well and what doesn’t.
She knows which destination matches your goals
It will make this trip efficient thanks to the right choice of group activities.
It has the contacts that facilitate organization and cost reduction.
She will know how to innovate and add a dose of originality…
It will allow you to concentrate on the essentials without worrying about the rest.

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Choice of destination and activities
You can organise incentive trips anywhere in France. There is no shortage of destination proposals on the internet, but using an event travel agency will always ensure that you and your employees are safe in the place where you will be staying. Just as with traditional travel agencies, no one is safe from unpleasant last-minute surprises.
You will first of all have a choice to make about the nature of the trip, according to what you consider most appropriate with your objectives: accompanied tour, luxury trip, adventure trip, trip with or without children, cruise, hotel or mountain top…

Here are a few examples of trips and activities organized for various companies, by event agencies across France, this might give you some ideas:

Rally in a convertible along the Mediterranean coast

Sailing regatta around Corsica

Car racing with Formula 3 professionals

Canyoning and climbing in the Alps

Extreme sports on the Atlantic coast

Off-road in the rocks of the Riviera by 4×4

But also gastronomic discovery of the different most rural regions of France.

Follow in the footsteps of the great painters of the 20th century from Italy to Spain via the Riviera, Provence and Occitania.

Vast examples but which cannot be defined for your company without a meeting with your agency in order to establish the important points for you and your teams.

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Incentive travel and business tourism with
For years our agency has been organising tailor-made trips for companies and their employees. When we tell you that we take care of everything, it means :
Setting up events and providing the locations
Creation of travel programs
Customization of services
Setting up team-buildings and parties
Personalization of goodies and places
Administrative assistance

All these elements allow you to stay focused on the main thing: the message your company wants to convey to your employees while ensuring team cohesion is as beneficial as possible.
Our mission is to respect your directives while transporting your teams to a land of emotions to ensure you a memorable, remarkable memory that will remain engraved in the minds of your collaborators until the next event.

Discover our receptive event agency and its state of mind through its team and social networks.
We are at your service to organize an innovative, efficient and unforgettable tailor-made incentive trip and business tourism stay.

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