Executive committee

Exclusive executive committee planning

At the end of the season, you take the time to take stock and organise a steering committee to analyse the results and set new objectives. 

In order to allow the managers of a company to meet for a weekend or a week in a quiet place and outside the usual work, the specialist french-events.com offers you a free location search service adapted to your needs and your budget. Responsiveness and efficiency will be our key words to help you organize such an event. In Provence, on the French Riviera, in the Alps or in the Pyrenees: it is up to you to choose the ideal place for your original management committee.

Paris being the most popular destination!

How to organize your executive committe?

Adapted infrastructures in an original setting

French-events.com offers you an efficient solution while respecting your deadlines and your budget. Having meeting rooms, accommodation, food and beverage and team-building activities in one place saves a lot of time. Our staff is at your disposal to define your specific needs and provide you with the necessary infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of your event.

The meeting spaces we offer in Paris are fully modular and can be transformed, according to your schedule, into large conference rooms or sub-committee rooms. On request, we provide you with the audiovisual equipment necessary for your presentations and conferences. In order to allow you to refocus on your work, our teams take care of all the logistics of your Parisian seminar. A welcome aperitif, a buffet lunch, a closing dinner: everything is possible and in a few weeks only!

French-events.com invites you to surprise your employees by taking them an hour and a half from Paris, to Champagne in a natural setting. Both refreshing and performance-enhancing, the green seminar is ideal for conveying a key message, strategy and objectives. Outside the company, well-being and motivation will be the order of the day.

Executive committee

A stay in a pleasant setting

After a day at work, you will enjoy spending time at the bar on the roof and walking, cycling or segway in the picturesque rue Montmartre or Saint-Germain.

Alternating work and relaxation is the best way to progress quickly while creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. You will be surprised; this event will meet various objectives, including strengthening the company’s culture and improving employee cohesion.

Organizing an original management committee is a good way to galvanize your teams by sending a positive message that can have a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line. This is a real investment in the short and medium term.   

French-events.com takes care of the entire organisation of the Executive committee to the last detail, including the supervision of sporting and cultural activities.

We respond to all your requests as quickly as possible while respecting your budget.

By choosing an original location for your works council, you will refocus on your work and analyse your results more easily.

You will be able to define a strategy that takes into account your main objectives, but also the human dimension of your company.

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