How to manage a congress and participants trips?

Professional congress organisers – PCO experts – has proven their efficiency 

  • World-class customer service
  • Proactive strategies, reflection processes, industry benchmarking
  • Proven results for exceeding all objectives and expected levels of success
  • Ability to optimize short and long-term strategies
  • Satisfaction of members and sponsors
  • Complete financial management, including documented cost savings
  • Total transparency throughout the project

Professional congress organizers (PCO) Services:

We offer a complete PCO management service for conferences/associations, including but not limited to:

Congress design, program development, exhibitor and visitor registration, space and venue selection and booking, audio-visual, IT support, logistics with management of equipment rental companies, transport, social programme management, digital marketing, leaflet printing and online internet services, speaker search, financing from market leaders’ institutions, sponsorship and sales to exhibitors, financial management, accommodation booking, transport between the airport and the conference venue and budget control.

  • Integration and liaison with our client
  • Complete project management with a dedicated team of project managers, each with a specific role: programme management, financial and legal follow-up, search for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Search for the site for the congress by checking availability, the dimensions of the exhibition hall and amphitheatre, hotel capacities and this in several cities of France
  • Management of supplier contracts, deadlines
  • Commercial management of exhibitors, sponsors and institutions
  • Implementation of educational and social programmes
  • Digital communication with website for the management of registrations, speakers, exhibitors, etc.
  • End-to-end accommodation and congress registration management
  • Full customer service
  • Management and content of the scientific programme
  • Management of abstracts and poster presentations
  • Virtual satellite presentations and podcasts
  • Eco and durable materials selection
  • Financial management and reconciliation
  • Final statistics and reporting for the overall programme
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Congress registration:

We are very competent in organizing group registration. We recommend that you take advantage of the special early registration fees.

Nevertheless, some congresses offer advantageous rates for groups. Through our relationships, we are able to obtain these registrations and extend the required time in many circumstances, and we have entered into agreements whereby these early registrations will be made without any names – to be determined for us. (Until each small group provides the names of the visitors)

– Strict adherence to the schedule avoiding the deadline

– Manage deposit, deposit and final payment payments and update the number of attendees at each conference and activity.

– Registration of exhibitors at the congress, teams from the head office, according to a breakdown by international markets, by doctors sponsored by laboratories, for example.

– Plan site meetings with congress organizers to validate the various steps and collect the necessary documents and approvals.

Ensure name changes

  • Send by post and digital information for congress registration
  • Personalized registration for workshops, dinners and other convention social events
  • We take on the role of PCO (Professional congress organiser) when requested by the client.

The management services of the agreement include:

  • Administration and logistics management
  • Support for exhibitors’ needs
  • Marketing and digital communication
  • Financial management from A to Z
  • Setting up the meeting schedule, room reservation, sub-committee rooms and the functional implementation of audio-visual and IT equipment and materials
  • Technical team for sound, light, video and computer transmission
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