Company general meeting & convention

Running a company convention or a general assembly

Are you in charge of organizing a company convention or a general assembly  and are you looking for a place that can accommodate 100 or even 1000 people for a weekend or a few days in the week? is the ideal partner to plan everything easily and as soon as possible . Conventions are key events in the development of a company that allow both the progress of the business, the definition of the company’s objectives but also the cohesion and satisfaction of all your employees.  

How to successfully organize a business convention?

A new and friendly place

Bringing so many people together in a large company meeting requires unfailing logistics and perfect organization down to the last detail. Our teams are at your disposal to define with you your priorities, your objectives and evaluate in the most precise way the budget of the event. By choosing to organize your convention in France, you are assured that you will never exceed the budget and that you will benefit from excellent coordination between the conferences, activities and debates on the program.   

Experienced professionals take care of the animation of the convention and the participants are supervised during sports activities or challenges organized on the theme of your event.

Quality accommodation, meeting rooms, a comfortable plenary room, relaxation and wellness areas, all grouped together in a single place that can be privatized in order to reduce travel and facilitate access to the convention venue.

Create links between your collaborators

It is important to alternate periods of work, conferences and relaxation so as not to tire participants and not to have “dead time” that would be detrimental to group dynamics.

Fostering mutual assistance, improving team cohesion is essential so that everyone can find their place within the team and work towards a common goal…. This type of event is a real added value for managers and employees in a busy program from a few hours to several days. That’s why we are at your disposal: we define the activities and interactive animations that will allow everyone to surpass themselves and improve their skills.  

This is done during breaks between each meeting but also before the beginning of the meeting (yoga sessions) and after the meetings with cocktails and exotic dinners. 

Company general meeting paris convention

By offering an original business convention in an unusual setting, outside the traditional workplace, you will motivate your employees.

All you have to do is choose one of the 40 destinations on that suits you best: Bordeaux, Alsace or Provence, depending on your preferences, we will guide you.

As part of our expertise, we put our valuable relationships with tourist offices, convention offices and congress centres to the forefront and make the most of them.

Thus in Cannes, Deauville, Aix-les-Bains we show you the free services offered by the city to attract you to their destination. We provide knowledge of conference periods, availability and booking procedures for activities.

Finally, we plan group transfers between the airport and the location as well as the management of hotel room allocations.

Company general conference convention

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