Creation and organization of a tailor-made trip

Creation and organization of a tailor-made trip

The creation and organisation of a tailor-made trip requires precise technical skills and irreproachable planning and know-how

A survey conducted by the Digital Institut of Nîmes (Open Tourisme Lab) among customised travel professionals measures the perception of customer expectations. The terms that stand out are: animation, human relationship, information, novelty, professionalism, unusual and personalization. We can see that when it comes to service quality, professionals place as much or more importance on the relational side as on the practical side. This is clearly a specificity of tailor-made tourism.

Creation and organization

Let’s come back in particular to the design of a tailor-made trip. Once again, we return to the code of luxury: that of collecting needs, first of all. Listening is a very important quality for a professional. The objective is to understand the client’s travel idea. In this sense, the french professional will also take into account the traveller’s interests and background, which will allow him/her to make relevant travel proposals corresponding to the client’s wishes and group expectation.

The second step will be to create a first itinerary. This phase must be in perfect agreement with the information that the client has provided to the travel professional (duration, budget, wishes, types of accommodation, etc.) This phase is generally the longest because the traveller and the professional will design the trip together. And several modifications can be made until the ideal trip is obtained in the eyes of the group travel planner.

Creation organize tailor-made incentive

The third step concerns the validation of the itinerary. When the corporate travel planner chooses to validate his incentive trip program, he usually pays a deposit, allowing the localagency to make reservations with the various service providers (guides, accommodation, restaurants, excursions, etc.). The latter are paid directly by the local dmc agency, so the customer does not have to worry about any payment on the spot.

Finally, the french professional draws up a travel diary containing the detailed itinerary and providing technical and practical information: the road-map. The final version of the road-map with all the staffing names, phone numbers, selected group menus is sent and given to the travel planner a few days before departure.

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