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A Kaleidoscope of Bordeaux

Create a favourable and relaxed atmosphere with your guests within the environment of the Bordeaux hillsides or scenic views of the Gironde River or even the unrolled coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whether an impressive gala dinner or corporate function, your French destination would offer culinary delights and renowned local wines along with reliable and pleasing weather.

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The Riviera Jewel

You will be so thrilled to have a magnificent Mediterranean sunset as the setting for your product launch event, with the lovely blue sea in the background.

Never again will you experience such unforgettable moments with your participants. The pergola terrace is ideally situated for a corporate event and reception, surrounded by a park and overlooking the sea and the beautiful coastline in the distance.

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Regal Palace in Paris

This original residential museum of historical interest has been modernised and equipped for exclusive private gatherings.

The venue is capable of varied entertainment for 60 to as much as 2500 guests with the available space for a disc jockey, keyboard players, orchestra and singers and also for variety shows. The catering service and gastronomic is of cordon bleu standard. The decor is pleasing and the palace rendezvous is conveniently located centrally and adjacent to the romantic River Seine.

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Domaine Cap d'Antibes

The imposing colourful and warm southern coastline of the Domaine Cap d'Antibes is ideal for you to celebrate your events.

Overlooking the pristine park and the attractive pool house that is available should enhance your corporate function and forge an unforgettable occasion.

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Waterfront Venue - Half-an-hour from Nice airport

This waterfront abode with it's old world charm and natural modern blend of appearance is appropriate for private, festive, or corporate events. Imagine the surroundings exposing the fragrant aroma of flowers and the smell of sea salt with the ever present rhythm of the waves reaching the shore.

The cry or screech of the hungry seagulls above continues relentlessly as the sun reflex warmth on your face. Time for a cocktail, time for a sundowner and all this is only a short drive from Nice Airport.

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Antibes House: For Regeneration and Bespoke Transformation

This adaptable property is available for Bastide, countryside styles, underground, halls, and general indoor corporate, and conference events.
Our interests focus on period or event furniture, beautified decor, and drapery in general with silks, transparent fibres, voiles and organza’s and other appropriate embellishments much which would or could be handmade.

We are able to print and design bespoke fabrics in house in order to accent exclusiveness and to highlight colour for your occasion.

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Provencal & medieval ambience

Romantic hide-away located on a peak at the bottom of a charming village established in the 13th century. You would find this secluded property surrounded by nature and adorned with a colourful garden as a memorable visit.

Only 30 minutes from Nice International Airport and 20 minutes from the sandy beaches of Cannes.

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Paris industrial chic

This buzz term is a popular expression in the entertainment environment at present and you too could capitalise on it's booming reputation by selecting one of our exclusive venues.

A French Piaf band would be available for live music for your pleasure and am sure guests would be surprised and impressed with the fun and instructiveness it generates. This style of music involves walkabout acts with French classics and audience participation. The band regularly performs at drinks receptions, in cocktail lounges, private parties, and themed events and on other relevant occasions.

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Sundowners and Cocktail Dinner

We selected Villa Greeka as an evening venue after finding it unexpectedly and subsequently falling in love with its dazzling and rather romantic appearance.

The Mediterranean gardens boast an array of matching colours and the internal columns and beautiful frescos are compatible with the white colour scheme. A unique and unforgettable venue.

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Corporate Beach Party

The sandy beaches around Cannes offer excellent opportunities to host corporate events large or small whilst conducive to retaining that exclusive atmosphere. Your imaginative gathering, whether a conference, a congress, gala dinner or just a welcome dinner can become a reality at Cannes.

Create an environment reminiscent of a romantic beach getaway and reflect on this pleasant and rewarding occasion experienced along the renowned azure blue and golden strip of the French Riviera.

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Intimate Launch Party Venues along the Riviera

FE has trodden many a city pavement and located a multitude of hideaways whilst tracking down such secret places in order to create a unique and pleasing venue resource in France.

We appreciate the need to impress whether for a corporate event, a conference, or exclusive party spot.

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A Palace Venue on the South Coast of France

This renaissance villa is surrounded by elegant Mediterranean gardens and its historical atmosphere elicits the elegance of the past with a modern but unforgettable experience.  

The south of France is renowned for its traditional and old world hospitality, it's astounding landscapes, and contrasting blue hues of colour from the Mediterranean to the azure skyline. Mingled with sophisticated and period architectures such surroundings influence, pervade, and blend the imagination.

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Renovated Country-style Bastide near Cannes

This perched-hill property overlooks the coastal French Riviera within a stunning location along the gracious Golden Triangle setting.  The present owners have returned the home to it's former style and splendour whilst adding their own passionate touches. A tranquil world  pervades,combining Provencal charm and elegance.

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Incentive white party

Need to get inspired with successful ideas! White parties have been a trend for years and years, especially in the summertime and in warmer climes: The South of France is the perfect location. Most often, the only requirement is to wear white, but we think these parties could be taken to the next level if everything were white, including the desserts and decor.
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Paris Louvre business event

The Louvre is one of Paris’ most iconic venues. Its magnificent architecture and collections create the perfect backdrop for any event. From informal and intimate to creative and spectacular, the National palace's variety of spaces will suit any corporate event, private party or incentive party. Our favourites are private dinners in the Denon’s aisle and of course the spectacular space under the Glass Pyramid: a life experience.
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Nice modern art foundation

Canapés under the canopy have never been done with so much style. Experience the ultimate in outdoor glamour at the Museum, replete with wild photo opportunities, bubbly from Taitinger, and delicious Provencal cuisine. Dinner under the stars: Follow the music to an outdoor dining experience and reawaken your love of nature in the ultimate luxurious setting. Keep your eyes peeled for some wild surprises as you delight in the finest of fare, with a menu of fine catering.
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Party in the vineyards

Situated in the middle of the vineyards of Graves this wonderful venue and wines give the frameworks for causes such as conferences, functions and corporate events, private celebrations. The Domaine is particularly suitable for training days or weekends for your company leadership: stopping the time, collecting thoughts, solving problems, promoting community spirit and enjoying nature.
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Deauville day event

The atmosphere at Normandy Racetrack cannot be described, it must be experienced, a thunderous roar to be swept along by and relish in. Horse racing hospitality offers an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, combining a personalized decoration, surprising entertainment. This venue welcomes 300 people for a seated meal and up to 7.000 people with food and drink station along each attraction.
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Saint-Tropez to Monaco villas

Within our collection of Monaco to Saint Tropez villas are selections of luxury homes that come complete with their own nightclubs, lighting, DJ equipment, soundproofing and shiny disco balls! While DJs aren’t included in our welcome pack, FE has experienced the best of the best and creates an unforgettable special business event during your stay.
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Cannes film studio atmosphere

When it comes to creating the perfect event, the right setting can make all the difference. Down-town, this venue is perfect for an award show to a soundstage custom-designed for your corporate event. From international conferences to gala dinner parties, we impress your guests with the red carpet treatment and turn your business endeavour into a blockbuster success!
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Monaco yacht charter during congress

Create an environment that is full of opulence and opportunity: Whether you are expecting an intimate party of 10 guests or a celebration for over 200, the impressive variety of superyachts available for corporate charter means that you can match yacht size and on-board facilities to your requirements and those of your guests. From boardrooms complete with projectors and satellite communications to beauty salons and saunas; work, rest and play find equilibrium that few land-based locations can match.
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Mediterranean costal venue

Completely private and secluded, surrounded by pine trees and with its own private access to the sea with mountain views, the Ail villa has charm in spades. In terms of location, corporate and business venues rarely feel more special than this, and the drive to this southern peninsula is an event in itself, with spectacular views all the way from Saint Tropez to Italy. Parties can be held in the park, in front of the sea.
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Winery incentive corporate event

Join Provencal vineyards at 1 hour drive from Nice International airport. For a late summer's afternoon of wine tasting and feast of dishes prepared by Chef Potel & Chabot in a delightful relaxed environment. Serene and fragrant oasis is a fabulous venue available year round for all types of corporate and private events including meetings, team building, celebrations, client dinners, picnics, receptions, weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties & other social events.
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