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United Nations training course

Context: Training course for procurement staff from UN, Government, Aid organizations travelling from Africa, Middle East, Europe.

Within a safe area with walking distance to/from the centre.

The set-up of the room should be set up with a desk for the tutor; students should sit in groups of 5-6 at each table

We would like to be quoted a 4 star hotel rate for a room with single occupancy non-smoking, with breakfast but cannot guarantee the rooms.

Client : U.N.D.P.
Market : 
Type of Event : 
Target audience : 
39 Doctors & Medical Specialists
Package : 
4 days/3 night

The location at this period didn’t match the budget:

“The maximum budget we are looking at 80 to 90 USD per person all-inclusive of meeting room and facilities am/pm tea coffee breaks, buffet lunch.”

It was decided with the client to split the budget in 3 parts: meeting space with equipment rental, catering and accommodation.

We selected a venue for the training course close to underground stations.

Meals where organized in a nearby restaurant and Accommodation in another district.

The venue is a 4 star brand with high qualified staff in bookings & organization

The focus was made on the location, the nearby public transport and also close to our operational office.

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We have also received a very positive feedback from the course Tutor on the training last week.

We plan to hold another training course in Paris in 2018 and will revert to you once the details are all in place.

Thank you for all your kind assistance and follow-up for the training last week.

Best regards,

Deborah S.



With tight budget, buyers need flexibility in the organization.

We brought to the client a satisfactory solution within his budget in using 3 suppliers instead of 1.

Used qualified quality services for this group bookings.

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