Do the right choice: Organize a unique experience that people will remember for a long time

How to offer your customers the trip of a lifetime

Tailor-made luxury tours and itineraries allow travellers to enjoy a personalized French experience. A journey that matches their needs, interests and passions. A stay that takes them on a journey that will be truly memorable.

We keep in mind to ensure a quality itinerary that exceeds the highest expectations.

Know the experience needs of your participants

In order to create a tailor-made stay, it is essential that your group’s interests are taken into account. Of course, you need to know what their interests are, if you want to organize a trip that will give them an incredible experience. A Game of Thrones fan, for example, might be interested in travelling to similar landscapes in the Alps, Larzac or Auvergne.

It is also important to consider what is happening in the life of the company that invites the group to the trip. For example, if it corresponds to an anniversary date, we select a location and entertainment accordingly. A beach for a young group, a place full of history for another type of participants, Recently, we organized a cocktail reception at the Louvre Museum in the café of the Denon wing, for a group of high-level sportsmen and women, but also we organized a meditation for a Music Arts Association, with a reading in the room where Berlioz died. Today this room is located in the back shop of a jeweller in Place Vendôme in Paris.

Offering an exceptional service that borders on the admiration of our connoisseur visitors is one of our objectives.

A great attraction of incentive travel is the first-class service. As an incoming agency specialized in the organization of these trips, you benefit from our experience. Customers should not have to wait until they are sitting in a restaurant to feel that the service to begin, they should feel special as soon as they get in touch with you or arriving in a place.

Right choice Organize experience people remember long time

We make the program exclusive

No one wants to do the same high-end tour as the last person. If they did, they would book a package at one of our fake competitors! With some “ready to use” services. This is particularly important for current customers. 

“You also have to really listen to them, because it’s always about surpassing someone else. That’s the new thing. How can I propose a better circuit than the one I did the year before for this same group? says Valérie Gombert.

Give your participants the kind of trip they can boast about, and thanks to which you will keep their loyalty.

Know which activities to recommend

Travellers visit the different cities of France to see the sights, but also to discover what makes them so special and unique. The special qualities of a place can offer your participants a truly unique total immersion in the local culture and lifestyles. Whether these activities highlight the industry, culture or lifestyle of a particular destination, well-chosen activities can offer your client an unforgettable and incentive travel experience.

As you can see, there are many parameters to consider when creating a high-end incentive trip. Today at we use the brand new digital tools like the saas software 

It gives us the time needed to create and offer the best luxury travel experience to your customers.

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