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While we are International, our offices operate locally in Paris and the Riviera. Led by experienced and knowledgeable teams, capable of bringing out the best and latest of every destination for every client. Our national coverage, allows us to offer the most suitable and cost effective destination solution for your meeting or event. Creativity and innovation that provide new elements in an event and meeting experience. In-house Creativity Centre of Excellency, providing full management of conceptualization, design, planning & delivering amazing events for all budgets. Throughout our 25 years history as a Destination Management Organizer industry leader. We’ve worked hard to do exactly that. We know that shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired, and inspired …

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Whether you are hosting 20, 200, or 20,000, taking your people to an incentive trip to Paris, launching a new product in Nice, hosting an international sales meeting in Marseille, creating a special customer event in Lyon, recognizing an achievement or arranging medical discovery meetings in Montpellier, French Events helps you create an experience that feels just right. The advantage of face-to-face communication haven’t decreased in today’s technology flavour business world. In fact, Meetings & Conventions revealed that 91% of Top Senior Executives intent to spend as much, if not more, in face-to-face meetings, conferences, incentives, and other events as they did previously. “TAKE GREAT CARE OF EACH OF YOUR EVENTS” It is our Signature Value and it guides our …

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Meeting Planners Errors easy to Control

Mistakes are therefore bound to arise, but that doesn’t mean that the event will fail. Most mistakes are simply minor challenges that can be easily solved by a competent event planner. Nevertheless, there are some crucial mistakes that even the experienced event planners find difficulties to fix in time. That’s why a good event planner must anticipate such errors from the start of the event planning process. Now, let’s look at the worst mistakes that can be made by an event planner. The right approach is to be straightforward with your client. You need to let them know that they will have to adjust either the budget or the event. It is even better for you to be ready to …

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New Trends Influence Planners

The importance of professional event planners getting acquainted with collaborative hospitality and travel trend cannot be overstated considering these trends are intricately connected to events, meetings and conferences. This is even more so if these said trends leave a lasting extensive impression. These services are generally embraced, trusted and used by young travelers and business professionals with a study by Allianz showing that about 60% of millennial knowing and using these services (Airbus, Uber, Lyft etc) and about 30% having plans of making use of these services at the very least once in the year. When it comes to transportation services, trends such as Uber and Blabla car services are taking over, with commuters considering these trendy non-conventional services as …

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Questions for Corporate Event Planners

The event Management Company or event planner should ask the right questions. It does not matter if the questions seem obvious because you might be surprised that no one thinks in that light. Here are some of the logical questions to ask. Encourage clients to give specific expectations of the event. To successfully plan the event. Reaction from attendees. Know the estimated budget. Paramount and crucial too These questions can help clarify the objectives of the event. Take note that these natural questions can be challenging to answer. They may not even need one word or one sentence answers. They are simply guides that help the event planner start a conversation and subsequently establish partnership with a French dmc.