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Secret Incentive French Riviera

There is something quite special about organizing a corporate event in the sun in a natural bay, hidden by steep cliffs or lush forests. If you’re looking for tranquillity that is off the beaten path, here are seven secluded beaches on the French Riviera that you may want to use for a life experience. Most of the groups that we have taken to these hidden beaches had the opportunity to organize meals, peaceful activities and incredible moments. There are plenty of secret places on the French Riviera. Where you can take your people! Discover beautiful, unique and exclusive corners of paradise… is a selection of some “not to be missed” secret beaches to explore during your visit to the French …

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4 Methods for a French Experience

It is hard planning an event that interacts with local cultures and simultaneously opens up a new world for attendees. The difficulties are even more intense when organizing an event in another destination. The reason is that event planners require creativity to find distinct cultural flavors that suit the theme of the event. There are many reasons to organize an event in a different destination, but that’s a topic on its own. Our interest is on the tips to give your attendees the local experience in the new destination. Now, let’s look at some ways you can create a local experience for your guests at your next event. – Hire locally – Make it possible for attendees to interact with …

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9 Traits of a Successful Event Manager

The client will obviously want maximum coverage for his event by the media, and the event manager will be required to devise striking, practical and affordable ideas to achieve that goal. For the effective execution of these thoughts and making an impactful feature occasion, he should have a hearty system of advertising, showcasing, promoting, and media experts available to him. Such skills are crucial to the success of the entire team. Only a good leader can guide a team towards achieving their common goal and make the event a roaring success. CONCLUSION Overseeing occasions can be dubious, yet fruitful occasion administrators know the ropes well and dependably figure out how to turn things around if things don’t work out as …

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Cell Phones in France

The question asked by many users is that whether or not the North American cell phones work in France and Europe or not? The recent figures states that about half of all US and Canadian cell phones will work in France and the rest of Europe; but the users should know that it comes at a steep price. Fortunately, there are some solutions by using them; it will allow you to have affordable service in France and Europe. You can even use your current US or Canadian phones in France without any problem and can enjoy unlimited talk time. Now the question arises about checking whether a phone works in France or not and about the solution to it. If …

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5 Portraits for Corporate Event in Europe

There exist many choices in the field of Destination and Incentive Travel programs. Some of these programs provide their clients with memorable trips designed to encourage and inspire them. With that said, it is essential for the Destination Management Company (DMC) to indulge the right tips so that the destination event will be successful. Some of those tips will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.