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While we are International, our offices operate locally in Paris and the Riviera. Led by experienced and knowledgeable teams, capable of bringing out the best and latest of every destination for every client. Our national coverage, allows us to offer the most suitable and cost effective destination solution for your meeting or event. Creativity and innovation that provide new elements in an event and meeting experience. In-house Creativity Centre of Excellency, providing full management of conceptualization, design, planning & delivering amazing events for all budgets. Throughout our 25 years history as a Destination Management Organizer industry leader. We’ve worked hard to do exactly that. We know that shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired, and inspired …

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If you are planning to create the social media hype of your event and willing to do so by using Instagram and Pinterest then you might be interested in the following tips mentioned as under… All in all, it can be easily said that Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms available for the purpose of social media marketing of your event. These platforms will make you able of promoting your events by sharing visuals and engaging more people in it. These tips will help you increase the buzz and hype of your event on social media and more people will be able to join it. It will bind you to have the maximum attendees of your event.

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In negotiation; it’s all about timing.

This date isn’t your final decision date. Here are a couple of rules to remember about using the short list date. Combine that with the short list date and you have a recipe for a competitive bid process. Keep your short list date close to the date you sent the original RFP. You should need no more than a 3 – 5 days to review the proposals