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Meeting Design Positively Influence ROI

There have been talks in the events industry on the connection between “meeting design” and “Return On Investment”.

Apparently, there IS a connection between meeting design and “ROI” as planning and having effective meetings invariably leads to higher ROI.

This article aim to highlight how a properly designed meeting can positively influence and lead to a higher ROI.

1- First, we need to understand what meeting design is.
There are a lot of definitions for meeting design but I particularly like Mary Boone’s definition: “the purposeful shaping of the form and content of a meeting to achieve desired results”.

2- The bottom line however, is that the result must be in connection to the essence of the company/organization.
And not just inputs such as meeting the event target budget, getting high satisfaction survey scores etc.
As this remains the only way organizing events yield bona fide value.

3- The essence of a company could either be increase in revenue or decrease in costs or in some cases, both.
For non-profits, their essence is determined by the organization’s mission statement.

If our organized meetings provoke a behavioural change between the event players, which adds value to the stakeholders, then we are en route achieving positive ROI.
However, for behavioural change to be effected, something new must be learnt.

4- The learning process occurs during the meeting event as information about the company/organization and their products and services are shared and new business contacts are made.

Meeting design by event organizers influences ROI as they purposefully match-make participants of similar or related professional interests.
Thus improving chances of a positive and higher ROI.

5- Essentially, meeting design is all about creating an effective learning environment that facilitates both learning and networking.

By effectively handling meeting design, event organizers would improve the attendees experience and also provide great value for all shareholders which in turn lead to a higher ROI.


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