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How to help clients when the destination has been used several time for their meetings and events

Context: We organize this event 3 times per year; it is a meeting with the Directors of our European offices.

–          We are you looking for 4 stars, 13 and 14 March (check out on 15 March); we would also need 6 Junior suites and 2 Superior suites

–          Meeting on 13 March only, half day meeting, special set-up and video & sound equipment

–          1 meeting room, possibly with natural light

–          Continuous coffee break in the meeting room + working dinner in the evening on March 13, in a private room

–         We already have asked the Hôtel Régent Petite France and they have no availability. FYI we usually organize this event at the Hilton (or at the Sofitel) but we would like to change. We found the Hilton pretty dull.

Client : Film Music Industry
Market : England
Type of Event : Meeting Convention
Target audience : 50 Directors and managers
Package : 3 days/2 night

Meeting set-up for 50 people in closed U shape!

Not flexible dates happening during the European parliament sessions, with very limited availability in Strasbourg and the surroundings.

50 people around the same table at the Hilton Strasbourg.

Extra bedrooms in several walking distance hotels.

Major rooms were at Hilton and Novotel.


Refurnishing is plan at the Hilton Strasbourg.

The team at the Hilton is very professional and understand the needs of Mice clients. We recommend these people.

Our partnership between French-Events and Mrs. Clarisse Kremer based in Strasbourg gives you the best of the destination.

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for your email. We found the Hilton pretty dull.

Everything went very well.

Thank you very much for all your help and good work.

Have a lovely weekend! Kind regards,

Paola P.   Communications and Executive Administrator



Client was used to run internally their events and meeting.

With French-Events, client found a professional team with efficient and straight forward solutions within competitive rates.

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