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Venue finding services for a meeting in Paris

Context: Hi John!
I hope you are doing well.
Just a heads up that I was asked today to plan a meeting for 40 people in Paris on the 28-29 March.
I was asked to try to find conference rooms in our preferred facilities but believe I will fail since I would need
1 room for 40 p at least for both days, 29-30 March
3-4 breakout rooms for 10-15 p both days, 29-30 March
Also hotel rooms for about 40p from 27-29 March.
Lunches both days + 3 coffee breaks (2 on 28th and 1 on 29th)
Also suggetion for dinner (either at the hotel or close by).

Client : Aerospace Electronics
Market : Scandinavian
Target audience : 40 Directors and managers
Type of Event : Conference
Package : 3 days/2 night

CHALLENGE: We have a GO for finding a hotel in Paris to accommodate the meeting specified below.
FYI our local office is in Rueil Malmaisson, in case there are suitable options close by.
Also perhaps worth mentioning our company name to the hotels as S.E. is a large and recurrent customer in Paris.

trouver la dispo d'un hotel proche de leur bureau parisien, avec un budget économique.

SOLUTIONS: Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud.

HIGHLIGHTS RECOMMENDATIONS: Diner cruise embarkment pier is flexible for charter yachts in down-town Paris and surroundings.
This cruise took the participants on the West side of Paris.
The group set menu was also tailored-made to combine the different diet requirements.
The privatization of the yacht was very important to achieve good standard quality within the initial client's budget. Finally the cost was very close traditional cruise lines.

Thanks for your concern, the boat trip and the bus to-from the boat was very appreciated by the group.
But transportation worked perfectly.

The hotel was very nice and comfortable, food was great there but between you and me we were not so satisfied with the events management.
Reasons for this was it was very hard to get proper replies already during email conversations before the meeting, which also led to misunderstandings regarding what was decided (the week before there was a temporary contact for us) very hard to get access to the event manager on site and we didn’t feel prioritized – we are used to the events manager being very attentive and checking up on the guests. There was a good service manager who helped well but has lots of different tasks and was not always so easy to find, meaning I spent lots of time trying to find someone to help us get more water to the room and other needed changes.

All in all, I would recommend the hotel as such to others but perhaps it is not my first choice for another large event.

Best regards
Stina L.
Marketing Excellence Director


SUMMARY: Free venue finding service.
Private embarkment for diner cruise, several menus within a 40 people dinner.

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