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An event’s success largely and mainly depends upon the awareness you create among people.
It mainly requires two things from the organizers which are planning an appropriate strategy and giving as much as time you can.
What most of the organizers do today is that they just simply rely on Facebook and then can be seen complaining about the failure of the event.
They need to know that by just creating event reminders or by mailing the people, you would not get the desired audience.
A highly successful event requires and appropriate strategy to encourage the people in participating in it.
If a good strategy exists, then people will definitely register for your event in large numbers.

These days the best tool to promote your events is the social media or by creating its hype on social media.
When you plan to promote your event on social media then the most important factor is the visuals of the event which holds the key to success.
When it comes to visuals, Pinterest and Instagram are the most trusted and popular tools to create the hype of your event on social media through visuals.
You will have the benefit that people will understood what you are actually trying to say and they will register in large numbers accordingly which will in turn hugely affect your bookings of the event.

If you are planning to create the social media hype of your event and willing to do so by using Instagram and Pinterest then you might be interested in the following tips mentioned as under…

Tips for Marketing on Instagram

  • A Hashtag will do it nicely for you

  • Make the Photos count by sharing

  • Contesting Makes the Difference

1. A Hashtag will do it nicely for you
This is what most organizers of events do on social media; they create the Hashtag of their event and create as much hype as they can of their event Hashtag.
If you want to launch a successful campaign of your event on Instagram then you must do the same.
This will create awareness among people about your event.
The people will be able to discover you through the Hashtag.
The people would be encouraged to post their photos along with your Hashtag.

2. Make the Photos count by sharing
Sharing is caring as some say and it is same in case of promoting your event on Instagram.
It is one of the easiest ways to create the buzz of your event on social media.
Share such photos that will make people excited about your event.
Create your own Instagram branded campaign to keep the people intact with your event.
Make posters about your event and promote it for example, make the promotions of leading people of different fields willing to attend your event.
It will boost the registration of people for your event.

3. Contesting Makes the Difference
This is an effective tool to gather people about your event that you host a contest for it.
The people will be more willing to participate in your event rather than just getting through it.
It will help spreading the word about your event.

Hosting an event on Instagram is not a big deal at all.
You can take the help of your followers for this purpose by asking them to share the photos of your event tickets including your event’s Hashtag.
When the contest completes, choose and announce a winner and award him with an extra pass or two.
It will help building the crowd for your event moreover your event will get more coverage on social media as well.

Tips for Marketing on Pinterest

  • An Event’s Guide will be Fruitful

  • Make your Sponsors Count

  • Your Website Deserves a Pinterest Board

1. An Event’s Guide will be Fruitful
If you are planning to organize an event on big scale such as a conference or a convention then an event guide will be more than helpful.
For this purpose, Pinterest is certainly the best tool available to inform your event participators about the necessary things they should know about it.
Pinterest can be used to create an event’s guide in such a way that the guide will highlight speakers of this event, will tell about the workshops and places to stay along with guiding about what you should do while the event is being hosted.

Let’s put this in such a way that you are planning to host a conference for marketers than this guide will be of much help in such a way that it will inform participators about information like where to stay, where are the nearby restaurants etc.
You can have maximum participation of your event by getting the attendees excited about the city where the event is going to be hosted.

2. Make your Sponsors Count
The sponsors are the heart of any event.
You can have their trust on you by showing their content on Pinterest which will increase the chances that they will sponsor you in future as well.
This will highlight their contributions towards your event.

For this purpose, you can share the images of their products on your pages and Pinterest.
In this way, they will be also getting something in return and providing a solid foundation for future joint ventures.

3. Your Website Deserves a Pinterest Board
You should have a Pinterest board of your event on your website.
Once you have done this than you should embed a widget on the event page of your website.
What it will do is to make people able to discover about your Pinterest board easily.
The visitors will also become able of repining with your content.

All in all, it can be easily said that Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms available for the purpose of social media marketing of your event.

These platforms will make you able of promoting your events by sharing visuals and engaging more people in it.

These tips will help you increase the buzz and hype of your event on social media and more people will be able to join it. It will bind you to have the maximum attendees of your event.

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