Mobile Apps Improve Attendee

Mobile Apps Improve Attendee Journey

This is a fact that annually more than 5 million events and meetings are held. But when you came to know about the figure of attendees, you will be shocked by saying that only 4-6 events per year have the maximum number of attendees.

Every organizer wants his event to be the most successful one but in order to ensure it; you need to have your event standing among the above mentioned 6 events.
For this purpose, you need to ensure the designing of your event in such a way that the attendees are kept excited about every inch of detail about your event starting from initial registration to final departure and beyond.

In order to ensure the maximum attendees at your event, a mobile event app always come handy. It provides a highly targeted channel for the audiences and attendees and serves them as their partner.

Time to Release Your Event App

This is a debatable topic but the ideal time to release is some weeks before your event is happening. The duration may be 4 weeks or less prior to the event.

After the people have installed the app, it is up to you to keep them engage. These 4 weeks will provide you with a cushion to keep intact with the participants.
You can share information, incentives as well as the event invites through it during this time. It is entirely up to you how efficiently you utilize this time for the well-being of your app. You can also share your content within the community as well through social media and this app.

Below are mentioned different ways in which you can use your mobile event app to keep the attendees of the event engaged in it.

1. Generating Links
• By having this app, you can be authorized to text each other. You can use it for socializing with other attendees.
• You can launch appointment booking systems for hosted buyers to allow them scheduling their meetings easily with other exhibitors.
• You can add sponsor section to your app and activate any advertising.

Mobile Apps Improve the Participant Journey
Before a Corporate Event

2. Informing others
• You can engage the attendees by sending push notifications to them. The in-app schedule will allow you to add sessions to the app agenda.
• FAQs can be used to provide all the necessary information to users so that they can have a better view and prospective about your event.

3. Activating attendees
• You can meet the expectations of the attendees by asking them each and every detail about what they find the most exciting in the event. You should meet it or exceed it!
• The speakers at the event can make their presentation even more interesting by using polls to crowdsource Intel from attendees.
• The in-app contests can also encourage the users to click on banners and advertisements which will in turn produce a high turnout at your event.

4. Use Sharing
• In order to make the user more comfortable about what you are offering, you can upload some presentations from speakers in the documents section of the event app. This will give the viewers a better view about your offerings.
• The topics related to the up-coming events are needed to be posted on twitter discussion and in-app discussion forums. You can also invite people to submit their questions and ideas with hashtags.


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