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I need to control costs and deliver quality, what do you suggest?

If you work on improving quality, you will cut your costs at the same time if you follow the right approach.
This is nothing new.

So, how can better quality lead to lower costs? What is the “right approach”? I listed 3 such approaches, which make more or less sense depending on the agency’s situation.
More on the 3 approaches

How To Select The Right Agency

The size and scope of any event can change quickly, and you need to feel comfortable with the person who is working for you. This is why your initial planner interview is so important. If you don’t get the answers you need, or if things just seem odd, you might want to take your business elsewhere to avoid a catastrophe down the road. Listed below are the key questions as organizer, you should ask before drawing up a contract for your event.

Success stories initiated with these quotes

1. Keep the total number of competing hotels down to eight or less.
2. Tell the hotels who they’re competing against.
3. Tell your hotels when the RFP is due back to you.
4. Be clear on the exact date the decision is going to be made.
5. Send updates without being asked.
1) A large and credible directory.
2) Experience dealing with all sorts of demands.
3) Your own personal consultant there.
4) The venue finding agency provides a one-stop services.
This checklist should help you with your step-by-step approach to planning an innovative corporate event.
GOALSETTING (No less than 3 months out)
– Seek feedback from managers and stakeholders regarding the goal of the event.
– Contact attendees to gauge interest. Electronic interest forms work well.
– Identify a date for the event. If you have already been given a date, ensure that you give yourself enough time to develop your innovative approach.
– Contact venues for availability. It is best to give yourself no less than three months of planning time.
BEGIN Developing the Innovative Approach (Immediately after securing a venue)
– Develop a list of ways the theme can be delivered with an innovative approach.
– Research current trends in culture and technology.
– Develop team building ideas that you can match to each of your innovative approach ideas.
– Research the costs associated with your ideas. If you are working within a budget, you may need to cut down on some ideas that may be overly expensive.
– Research to determine if similar events have been done that utilized similar ideas. If possible, contact the planners behind those events for more details.
– Complete this phase no less than 2 months out from the event.
DEVELOP a Marketing Campaign (No more than 1 month out, but no less than a week prior to the event)
– Develop ways to market your event that utilize and showcase your innovative approach.
– Research costs for marketing your event, including any tools or outside assistance that will be needed to accomplish the marketing campaign.
– Avoid starting the marketing campaign too soon. Attendees may forget about the event, and may need constant reminders.
– Get potential attendees to register for the event beginning one month out, up until the day of the event, or until space has run out.
– What is the purpose of the event?
– Who is the audience?
– Do you have a preferred location for this event?
– Can you please reconfirm event dates?
– How many meeting rooms do you need? For how many people each?
– Do you have a prefered set-up for those rooms?
– Do you need accommodation? If yes, how many single and double rooms and on which night(s)?
– What kind of venue are you looking for? 3, 4, 5 star hotel?
– What is your maximum budget for this event?
– What are you hoping to achieve with this event?
1. What type of event?
2. What country has my preference?
3. What style of venue?
4. What period of the year do I plan the event?
5. How long should the event be?
6. Do I need accommodation?
7. How many people to budget?
8. Do I require a site inspection?
9. How creative and tailor-made should my event be?
One simple concept is the Space-to-Rooms Ratio.
This is the amount of space your meeting uses for every guest room you book.
Tip1: Know your own meeting’s Space-to-Rooms Ratio.
Space-to-Rooms Ratio = (Total seats by day x 20 sq. ft.) / (Total guest room block that day)
Tip2: Focus on minimizing the Ratio on your pre-meeting and departure days to get better deals.
Tip3: Pick room set-ups that help to reduce the Ratio.
– Hire locally.
– Offer ways for guests to know the community more.
Adding the perfect local feeling to your corporate event may require research, but it’s worth it.
– Use local products.
– Give back.
is often worth it to have a unique experience that gives back to the local community and helps others.

Ask your local agency about solutions!

1. Local knowledge to help you to figure out where to go, what to see and do, which venues to use or avoid…the list goes on.
2. One-stop services to take the pressure off you.
3. Experience that gets into the nooks and crannies to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
4. Brings a much-needed outside perspective to your plans on what you really want, enhances your original ideas to make them more exciting, innovative and effective.
5. It will be cheaper in the long run.
A theme must go beyond decor, it should be weaved throughout the entirety of the event.
Ideas for your next corporate event:
#1: Fundraising might work well with any theme, but can work especially well with technology and socialization themes.
#2: Depending on the event, a musical performance is a great way to utilize a modern technology or social media theme.
#3. Outdoor Excursions by using good weather to your advantage can help make the technology theme more practical than you might anticipate.
#4. Games and contests are a perfect idea to include in an event that focuses on a modern tech and social media theme.
#5. Live Cooking Demonstrations instead of a typical dinner is a great way to utilize a modern, technology and social media-centered theme.
Remind: A good corporate event is about more than just a flashy show; it’s about building on growing your company’s brand and business.

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