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4 Methods for a French Experience

It is hard planning an event that interacts with local cultures and simultaneously opens up a new world for attendees.
The difficulties are even more intense when organizing an event in another destination.
The reason is that event planners require creativity to find distinct cultural flavors that suit the theme of the event. There are many reasons to organize an event in a different destination, but that’s a topic on its own.

Our interest is on the tips to give your attendees the local experience in the new destination.
Now, let’s look at some ways you can create a local experience for your guests at your next event.

– Hire locally
– Make it possible for attendees to interact with the community
– Use local products
– Give back

Hire locally
One way of giving your attendees the local experience is by hiring a staff that is familiar with your destination. The reason is that a staff that is knowledgeable about the destination history will capture the audience of your event. For instance, while hiring your cook, it is essential to consider the local chef. The local chef probably knows the cultural dishes and can render help concerning food preparation and serving. Also, ensure that event vendors like entertainers and speakers are either from or near the destination of the event. Working with locals is essential since they are in a better position to make the atmosphere relatable to visitors.

Make it possible for attendees to interact with the community
One of the best ways to engage your guests in a destination event is by including events that appeal to the locals of that area. Even if you are planning a conference, such activities could come during interludes. For instance, if you are planning an event in Marseille you can include a sailing regatta in the program. On the other hand, if your event is in Champagne, a wine tour will be a splendid idea. However, you will need a little research in finding activities to supplement the event. Such activities are essential because they add some extra flavor to the event thereby making it unique and memorable.

Adding the perfect local feeling to your corporate event may require research, but it’s worth it.

Use local products
Hosting an event that includes locally-sourced products is an opportunity for guests to enjoy the local experience. This gesture is equally an excellent way to highlight the community of the event destination. Hence, it is essential to ditch the products you are familiar with for local products for the sake of your guests. The best way of doing this is by choosing products that are either grown or created in this area. For example, you can buy honey from nearby farmers. You can also opt for customized products created by craftsmen and women of the local area. This attitude will not only generate further interest in the area, but it will equally create more jobs for the locals.

Give back
Many event attendees want to give back to communities in need. Destination events should create a platform for them to do so. You may decide to talk to the needy to gain inspiration to give back during your event. Working with charities in the local community could also serve as an inspiration for giving back projects. The event planner should, therefore, inform your guests of the possibilities of helping the community through volunteering services or donations.
It is important to bear in mind that putting together an event that shares cultural flavors will always be challenging. Nonetheless, the experience will always be a unique one because it gives back to the local community.

Ask your french dmc about solutions – it’s your key to success !

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