Yes! The local DMC french-events.com office will search for venues in your requested destination and provide you with a tailored facilities proposal outlining venues that suit your requirements completely free of charge.

Any event planner or company organiser can ask french-events.com to find meeting facilities in France & Monaco for any type of event: Trade fair, Seminar, Conference, Congress, Convention, Exhibition, Kick off, Meeting, Symposium, Trade show, Workshop, Private Dining, Corporate Entertainment, Incentive Travel, Motivational team building and more!

Finding a venue with french-events.com is lightning fast. Our experts are very responsive and ready to service your corporate event needs. For simple meeting requests, you can expect 1-3 hours. For more advanced ones, expect 24-48 hours.

We are happy to work with other agencies once we have agreed our business process. Send in your enquiry and we’ll immediately give you a call to discuss.

There is no limit on the number of proposals you can request however the nature of your enquiry will naturally be taken in consideration.

Our local teams offer full conference and event management organization. In general you talk with Jean-Pierre our Ceo. In particular you talk to Amanda or Valerie our Event directors.

All international venues are sourced by our Wedgewood partners, with local offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, South Africa.

Our interface is incredibly user friendly. The entire sourcing process can be completed in three simple steps. Our french-events.com team will be happy to walk you through the steps of creating your first RFP. Or, simply send us your event details and our product consultants will create the request on your behalf. In addition, our client services department is available 8 hours a day, five days a week.

There are several types of RFP templates available. The Advanced RFP template allows you to include the most details in your request to the local agent. If you have custom questions or documentation, contact the french-events.com sales team.

1 to 3 hours for a single venue search to 24-48 hours for a complex inquiry.

In essence, incentive travel is a reward for employees and partners that have met or completed a set of pre-established business goals set by their manager or team leader.
Incentive travel rewards vary in scope depending on the size of your business and the gross annual revenue you generate. Some incentive travel programs reward their team members with a two-night stay at a local Bed & Breakfast, while others can afford to send their staff to Paris, Monaco, London, Berlin, Madrid or Bordeaux for a week. Naturally, the incentive travel rewards will vary according to each individual team and the culture of the company.
A local incentive travel agency in France can help business owners to construct a customized incentive program, arrange for inexpensive travel, and locate hidden deals.

There are a number of incentive program options available to employers today. Many of these programs focus on monetary or product rewards, such as a car, a new laptop, or a special gift card. While many of these rewards are great, they fail to deliver on a certain, meaningful element of an incentive program: the experience.
Traveling to a new place, whether a special hotel, a new country, or a new town, always creates memorable experiences and much needed vacation time for your employees that other gifts cannot achieve.

Yes, incentive travel really is worth it. Why?
Because it works
Incentive travel has shown to motivate, unite, and energize employees to push themselves and work as a team far beyond what they normally would. Employers have seen a drastic increase in their staff’s productivity, coordination, and loyalty while they are working to fulfil their incentive program. Once the goals of the program are met, both your company and your team have benefitted from the experience.

Your incentive travel program must have a certain appeal to your employees in order for it to be successful. The way to pick an appealing program is to consider these three factors:
Applicable: The travel destination must be somewhere that your employees find exciting and desirable.
Selection: Have a variety of travel destinations that your employees can choose from.
Achievable: If your staff feels that the goal is unrealistic, they will lose motivation and the program will be a flop.
How can you know if the programs you are considering will actually interest your staff? Easy; get to know your team. Ask questions to learn about what motivates them and what they strive for in life. Find out what their general income is and the age range of your team. Information like this will help you to pick a program that appeals to and inspires your employees.

Employers can often run into trouble when picking a program for their company. The task of finding a destination that interests their employees without wrecking their budget can seem insurmountable. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem too.
A local incentive travel company like french-events.com or Wedgewood.co.uk can help you create a fun, motivating program that will ensure a positive return on investment. Our specialized DMC travel agents can also find and arrange affordable housing, transportation, and entertainment for you. You don’t have to break your wallet or go with a less-than-ideal destination.
Corporate incentive travel services are designed to help companies create luxurious, unique trips that reward employees for reaching business goals that make them qualify for incentive travel; a form of travel that helps employees come closer together as a team, share unforgettable experiences, and motivates them to qualify for future incentive travel trips.

Many companies establish their own travel trip qualifications, but we can certainly provide with examples of qualifications that other companies have used to great success. Once you decide how many people you want to potentially qualify the trip, it becomes easier to set qualifications.

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