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Meeting Planners Errors easy to Control

The organization of a corporate event is very tedious.
The event planner on his part needs to give a detailed account to his clients.

Mistakes are therefore bound to arise, but that doesn’t mean that the event will fail. Most mistakes are simply minor challenges that can be easily solved by a competent event planner.

Nevertheless, there are some crucial mistakes that even the experienced event planners find difficulties to fix in time. That’s why a good event planner must anticipate such errors from the start of the event planning process.

Now, let’s look at the worst mistakes that can be made by an event planner.

1.) Inadequate Communication with the Client
One of the major failures in the organization of an event stems from miscommunication or inadequate communication with clients. Even if you are very experienced in event management, the success will be largely measured by the client. Thus, your expertise skills may end up counting for nothing if the client fails to approve your style or method.
Having the ability to listen is a great skill every event planner should possess. A good event planner should keep aside his skills and carefully listen to his client’s viewpoint. You could incorporate your client’s visions and desires with your expertise and make constructive suggestions that could improve the event.
However, you should bear in mind that some clients prefer to leave everything to the event planner. In such instances, it becomes essential to update them on the progress of your arrangements. Also double check with them on all the essential steps.

2.) Incompetent staff
It’s not easy for the event planner to find a balance between the contractor, vendors and outsourced staff. Even if you decide to work with people you successfully hired in the past, ensure that you get the right combination. Have in mind that nothing is static. The quality of output by the most trustworthy suppliers can change due to a change of staff members.
It is therefore crucial to consistently renew the list of choice suppliers for all situations. Never ever let personal relationships overshadow an objective hiring criteria. Also, endeavor to get as much information as you can about the qualifications of each supplier. You need to make sure that they are competent to deliver according to your expectations.

3.) Cutting costs to please your client
In the event management field, the requirements hardly go hand in hand with the accessible assets. Hence many event managers simply try to reduce cost where possible without confronting their clients. But the problem here is that they get what they pay for. You will likely get low-quality delivery for very cheap items. For instance, you don’t expect to get great quality video after hiring a low budget cameraman.
The consequence could be that the venue may turn out to be of poor quality. Such an attitude could ruin the event much more than the extra expenses of hiring quality suppliers.

The right approach is to be straightforward with your client. You need to let them know that they will have to adjust either the budget or the event. It is even better for you to be ready to compensate unexpected costs that could arise. Your client will obviously refund your extra expenses if the event turns out to be a top notch one.

Event planning and organization requires a lot of multitasking and the ability to resolve arising problems quickly.
Even the most experienced event organizers can succumb to mistakes that can cost the entire event.
Such mistakes include poor communication with clients, not choosing a competent staff or pleasing the client by cutting cost.

These attitudes end up coming back to the event manager and sometimes severely damages the quality of the event.

However, once you avoid such pitfalls, then you can be confident of reverting smaller crises quickly.

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