“O” like Out of the box moments!

Experience with a large E is essential

The customer chooses a tailor-made trip above all to live a unique experience that fully meets his expectations.


Indeed, as one travel agent at Wedgewood.fr mentions, “We can offer him the type of accommodation he likes, the quality he wants to take.


For example, if an excursion does not please him at one place, it is cancelled and replaced by another. We adapt to everyone. In a tailor-made trip, the possibilities are therefore infinite and totally modular, making the experience unique for the participants of the group.


The trend is changing. The destination becomes the customer’s second wish. Experiential incentive tourism does indeed take precedence over the destination. The client wants to experience emotions, unusual things.

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Unconventional destinations

Tailor-made travel is by definition the perfect opposite of package travel. The latter has targeted destinations that are now under attack by mass tourism. Tailor-made tourism innovates by offering new destinations that are still little known or almost untouched by tourism.


Last year, for example, Nîmes was a popular destination for tailor-made tourism. The Gard region is indeed much less touristy than the traditional Provence like Avignon, Aix-en-Provence generally offered in the South of France. Cannes and the islands of Saint-Honorat are also places that attract customers who are keen on tailor-made travel.


On the Atlantic side, a new tourist destination is emerging: Brittany. Very little known places are increasingly capturing this tailor-made clientele.


In France we also see the emergence of combined trips, i.e. trips where the customer discovers several regions. For example, Cantal and Provence on tailor-made trips are in high demand, as are Alps combined with Monaco.

However, Paris and London, which could be described as ordinary destinations, still attract customers as much as ever and are all the more attractive when it comes to tailor-made travel.


See all the combined trips possible in France with a max of 2 hours transfer between each destination : 


  • Bordeaux & Biarritz
  • Basque region in France & Spain
  • Starsbourg & Baden-Baden
  • Evian & Geneva
  • Annecy & La Clusaz
  • Aix-les-bains & Lyon
  • Camargue & Aix en Provence
  • Montpellier & Toulouse
  • Alps & Monaco
  • Cantal & Provence
  • Corsica & Riviera or Sardignia

We can be fast, because we have built a solid professional network, and we maintain it:


In addition to experience and just as important to save time, there are commercial partnerships. It is impossible to be an expert on the world, so it is crucial to know people everywhere who can help you plan your incentive trip.  At French-events.com, we have relationships with the best in each discipline (hotel, transport, guides, restaurants, activity leaders, rental companies) who are at work every day. This means that instead of you trying to find out who to call, there is a good chance that we already have their contact and already worked with them.


We put technology at your disposal to speed up the work and your comfort


Being able to effectively share information with your team about a motivational trip that includes delegate logistics is essential. You do not need participants to call you throughout the day to ask you questions. We create websites so that people have access to travel information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can ask their questions and register. All this with a feeling of personalisation. We can also customize a mobile application that allows you to interact with participants throughout the trip when you are in France, and in your country. With a single click, you have access to a digital solution that allows you to send alerts such as time or place changes, reminders and even upload photos for social interactions.

Yes your incoming travel agents can save you time and money, so don’t waste more time and let us know that you want to exist!


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