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You need to cut costs and deliver quality, what do we suggest?

When you work on increasing quality, you then reduce your costs at the same time if you adopt the right approach.

This is nothing new.

So, how can better quality lead to lower costs? What is the “right approach”? I listed 3 such approaches, which make more or less sense depending on the agency’s situation.

1. Cut quality external breakdowns

That result in delegate’s chargebacks, lost bookings, complaints, poor reputation, etc. In short, all the negative results related to organizing imperfect program for a corporate event.

2. Cut internal failures

A quality issue that is found and corrected before the services are delivered to a customer. Organize site inspections, communicate between the different vendors, plan back-up alternatives.

3. Use latest tools, outsource research, minimize site inspection budget

Here a few ideas:

- Making good use of an IT system to reduce paperwork and double handling of data. French-Events agency is a leader in developing planner’s software.

- Take advantage of venue finding agencies with free services.

- Giving some of the inspection work to your agency or negotiate discounts with vendors for these site visits.

- Setting up a reasonable testing plan rather than testing every service.

- Be on site, or have a representative on site during the event.

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