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5 Tips which Facilitate Organization

The organization of a corporate event in France is so tedious that corporate event planners rarely know where to start.

Hosting a corporate event entails bringing abstract ideas and anticipations into reality.
Therefore, it is imperative for event planners to inculcate expertise knowledge and skills when planning corporate events.
Corporate events are greatly valued by companies because they are a form of publicity to the enterprise in question.
Corporate events are still relevant even in these days of new information technology where advertising takes place via various social media platforms at a fairly cheaper rate.

The reason is that face-to-face meetings with customers and stakeholders have a way of enhancing the credibility of a brand or company.
There exist many different types of corporate events like product launches, exhibition shows, seminars, and conferences, but that’s a topic of its own.

Our focus for today is rather on five most practical tips that could be practiced by corporate event planners to facilitate the successful planning and organization of their corporate events.
Now, let’s look at the bits of advice in the subsequent paragraphs.

1.) Centralize the organization of the project
2.) Create a realistic working plan of activities
3.) Validate the event venue with the hosting company
4.) Promote the event electronically/digitally
5.) Work in collaboration with a French DMC

1.) Centralize the organization of the project
One of the best tips of planning a corporate event is for the event planner to centralize the activities of the project under their control. The organization of a corporate event requires a significant amount of hard work which cannot be effectively done by a single person. The principal event planner should, therefore, expect an epic fail if he decides to reduce his workload by distributing tasks to his subordinates, colleagues or a multiple of vendors.

However, the event planner should, first of all, define the strategic objective of the corporate event in question and the solutions to achieve satisfactory results.
At this juncture, if the event planner needs extra services for the coordination of all tasks, he can hire the services of the French Destination Management Company (DMC).

The DMC will be charged with disseminating information to various third parties during the preparatory phase of the event.

2.) Create a realistic working plan of activities
The second tip is for the event planner to create a tentative but realistic working plan of activities.
The event planner must not establish this program of activities alone, but he should rather consult with the French DMC. By so doing, the event planner and French DMC will brainstorm on many issues and finally agree on the quality of event.

The working plan should contain a tentative budget of the event with a fair and reasonable time frame for preparations. However, it will make absolute sense if the DMC does a feasibility study before agreeing on the time frame. The reason is that the French DMC may not deliver quality services within a short time frame.
The plan of activities should also contain a list of tentative venues or conference facilities for the event.

Event planner and French DMC will brainstorm on many issues before finally agreeing on the quality of the event.

3.) Validate the event venue with the hosting company
The next tip is for the French DMC to validate the event venue or site.

However, the event venue should be approved only after a feasibility study on a few shortlisted sites. When confirming the venue, the event Management Company and the host company should take into consideration the following factors:

• The size of available space relative to the number of people who are expected to be at the event;
• The overall and detailed timing of each activity relative to the duration of hours they will book the venue.
• The quality of conference facilities of the event;
• And above all, the technical solutions they can implement to make the site more attractive and comfortable to guests.

4.) Promote the event electronically/digitally
Although the event is a physical one, it is essential for the corporate event planner or DMC to promote the event electronically via all the online platforms.

The reason is to get the target audience interested in the upcoming event. An elaborate website, for instance, is a great platform to transmit and obtain relevant information about the event. The administrator interface of the site can also be used to extract data, or even make last minute changes.

Also, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are excellent tools to successfully promote the event. The reason is that short promotional videos and messages are easy to disseminate through these mediums.
Also on the D-day of the event, major activities can be broadcasted live through these social mediums so that the brand or company in question can gain more popularity and notoriety.

The advantage of promoting an event online is that millions of people in different geographical locations can be targeted and reached over a relatively short period and at a tiny cost.

Social media platforms are excellent tools to successfully promote the event and attract much attention.

5.) Work in collaboration with the French DMC
The corporate event planner is expected to work hand in hand with the French DMC until the event pulls through.
In as much as the French DMC is an expert in planning corporate events, it is still important for the agency to work with the preferences of the event planner.

The reason is that the DMC has to organize the event in a manner that will satisfy the host company considering that they have invested a lot of money to make the event have a particular standard.

Also being transparent will go a long way to building the reputation of the French DMC thereby paving the way for more event planning jobs in the long run.

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