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New Trends Influence Planners

The importance of professional event planners getting acquainted with collaborative hospitality and travel trend cannot be overstated considering these trends are intricately connected to events, meetings and conferences.

This is even more so if these said trends leave a lasting extensive impression.

These new game changing trends are unconditional, with a few of such known trends being introduced in recent times.
Dmc’s now include services of Uber , Blabla car, Chauffeur Privé, Marcel, Snapcar, Lyft when it comes to transportation and services such as Aibnb, Magicstay, Alterkeys, BeWelcome, HomeAway, MagicStay,, TheWorldByOwner and Travelmob when it comes to vip’s lodging.

These services are generally embraced, trusted and used by young travelers and business professionals with a study by Allianz showing that about 60% of millennial knowing and using these services (Airbus, Uber, Lyft etc) and about 30% having plans of making use of these services at the very least once in the year.

Non-conventional Lodging Services

A professional event organizer staying acquainted with the current trends in travel means the need to familiarize themselves and integrate these trends into their offered services of bespoke events.
Delving first into the present day trending non-conventional lodging trends, there are facts and figures that buttresses the need for professional event organizers to incorporate these services into their bespoke proposals for managing corporate events or general event planning – with websites such as Aibnb offering people to list their home and/or other residencies to travelers or renters.
° Aibnb users have spent €1.4 billion over the last year on lodging in France alone
° Over 65% of revenue was spent in 5 major French cities i.e. Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Cannes and Lyon.
° In the above named cities, Aibnb represents a “significant portion” of lodging revenues.
° Aibnb’s direct hospitality provision impact is likely to include lower room rates and thus be a hindrance on new hotel constructions.

Aibnb is not simply and only targeted at the young and millennial as wealthy celebrities have also been reported to make use of the lodging service as Aibnb also make provisions of exotic lodges.
The emergence of unconventional services such as Aibnb has further intensified the importance of professional event planners finding the bespoke event venues that has that extra special element, as doing this would go a long way in limiting hotel attrition.

Non-conventional Transportation Services

When it comes to transportation services, trends such as Uber and Blabla car services are taking over, with commuters considering these trendy non-conventional services as more efficient, convenient and cheaper option when compared to taxis, Limo services or any other conventional option.

These trending services can be called for via smartphone apps with GPS tracking commuters’ assigned drivers and a rating system put in place which heightens quality service provision for passengers.

There are facts and features that buttresses how these new trends are taking over the transportation scene with Uber being particularly being impressive.
° The Uber transportation network covers over 325 cities in 59 countries across the globe
° On an average, over a million Uber rides are taken per day
° Uber is currently valued at $53 billion
° Over 50,000 companies enrolled in Uber for business in its first year of operation.

The emergence of the Uber and similar transportation services while having a lesser impact on the events industry and event – when compared to lodging counterpart services such as Aibnb – it remains important that event organizers incorporate such services into bespoke event proposals and event planning. This is done by integrating the Uber ride request button to event apps, providing customizable discounts and promo codes for bespoke events by working with UberEVENTS, providing VIP experience via the Teleport app etc.

Both of the present day non-conventional travel trends – transportation and lodging – offers convenience and affordability and it has become obligatory that event organizers and DMC (destination management companies) incorporate both of these services into their bespoke event experience.

Collaborative Economy Influence on the Events Industry

The emergence of new non-conventional travel trends such as Blabla car, HomeAway, Uber and Aibnb has threatened the feasibility of conventional tourism industry players such as DMC (destination management companies), professional event organizers, with each rideshare trip and room booked outside of a hotel representing lost revenue to some quarters in the conventional events sphere.

Enter the “collaborative economy” – which is the peer to peer sharing of goods and services – which is commonly coordinated via online websites, covers all sectors of the economy i.e. buying/selling goods and services, crowd funding and shared work space.

The collaborative economy remains the most disruptive innovation that impacts the events industry in the present day, having a current value of $39 billion with growth expectancy set to reach $385 in the next decade. Embracing collaborative economy has become obligatory for players in the events industry.

Below are ways professional event organizers can embrace the collaborative economy:
° Transportation: Destination management services and professional event planners can in their bespoke event proposals integrate local rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft for convenience. These could include airport pickups, hotel pickups etc.
° Venues: DMC work with professional event planners to provide bespoke event venues for events such as conferences, trade shows, congresses etc. Such venues could be auditoriums, conference facilities, museums, private luxury properties etc.
° Local goods: Foreigners would sometime seek souvenirs from their visit, DMC and professional event organizers can partner with local artisans, allowing them sell their goods during event breaks.
° Accommodation: Destination management companies and professional event organizers can get alternative lodgings via partnership with non-conventional travel services such as Aibnb. This could ensure a reduction in hotel room rates during peak periods.
° Creative: Event branding for a logo design, a video creation, a program printing using sites like Fiverr or Upwork at costs starting as little as $5.

Unconditional travel services are not going to be a short lived trend and are here to stay. DMC and professional event planners should embrace these services and integrate them into their bespoke proposal as this would improve event guests’ convenience and general experience.

As Local Agent, the Dmc’s offers Collaborative services. Ask for more collaborative business and enjoy using them.

It’s urgent to find strategies to take advantage about the collaborative business.

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