best cheeses for meetings in france

365 Cheeses before Your meeting

Start Your Cheese Lesson – For those who are interested to integrate in their next Trip to France, some activities related with Cheese, Auvergne, Alps and Normandy are the best areas to go. There is such a wide range of cheeses that it is difficult to know them all, so it is worth defining the main “groups”:

Site Inspection

What about the future of Dmc’s?

What radical reinvention is needed for Dmcs so they can survive and thrive. Here’s my list of 5 things that Dmcs need to do in order to redefine & strengthen a value proposition that otherwise could end up being left by the wayside. This means working after hours to get information to a client in a different time zone, leading destination site inspections on a 24/7 basis, dealing with endless program alterations. DMCs know how to position a destination to deliver corporate objectives and thus are perfect destination marketers for the meetings and events sector. Develop creative production capabilities. Invest in equipment, offer extensive décor services and jump on Technology opportunities. For ongoing business into their destination as well as …