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Venue finding services for a meeting in Paris

Context: Hi John!I hope you are doing well.Just a heads up that I was asked today to plan a meeting for 40 people in Paris on the 28-29 March.I was asked to try to find conference rooms in our preferred facilities but believe I will fail since I would need1 room for 40 p at least for both days, 29-30 March3-4 breakout rooms for 10-15 p both days, 29-30 MarchAlso hotel rooms for about 40p from 27-29 March.Lunches both days + 3 coffee breaks (2 on 28th and 1 on 29th)Also suggetion for dinner (either at the hotel or close by).

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United Nations training course

Context: Training course for procurement staff from UN, Government, Aid organizations travelling from Africa, Middle East, Europe. Within a safe area with walking distance to/from the centre. The set-up of the room should be set up with a desk for the tutor; students should sit in groups of 5-6 at each table We would like to be quoted a 4 star hotel rate for a room with single occupancy non-smoking, with breakfast but cannot guarantee the rooms.

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5 Tips which Facilitate Organization

The organization of a corporate event in France is so tedious that corporate event planners rarely know where to start. The DMC will be charged with disseminating information to various third parties during the preparatory phase of the event. However, the event venue should be approved only after a feasibility study on a few shortlisted sites. When confirming the venue, the event Management Company and the host company should take into consideration the following factors: The reason is to get the target audience interested in the upcoming event. An elaborate website, for instance, is a great platform to transmit and obtain relevant information about the event. The administrator interface of the site can also be used to extract data, or …

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How to Save Time & Money: Venues

The organization of a large-scale corporate event can be extremely stressful even with enormous experience in event management. Some businesses take up their events by themselves because they think sourcing out the project will be expensive. Well, that’s a myth! The truth is that hiring a venue finding agency leads to massive savings regarding money and resources. I’m sure you are wondering how comes? Well, let’s look at some of the reasons. 1.) They have a large and credible directory 2.) They are experienced in dealing with all sorts of demands 3.) They serve as your personal content 4.) The Agency provides a one-stop service 2.) They are experienced in dealing with all sorts of demands Any reputable venue finding …

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How do I love you? Let me count the venue size.

Making hotels’ Space-to-Rooms Ratio work for you As a recovering salesperson, I have a love/hate relationship with math. Sure, I love numbers with dollar signs in front of them … most of the time, at least. But the prospect of repeating high school trigonometry gives me cold sweats. Here’s the easy rule-of-thumb calculation: Space-to-Rooms Ratio = (Total seats by day x 20 sq. ft.) / (Total guest room block that day) Hotels rarely struggle during the main days; it’s the pre- & post-days that will often kill the love. So, what can you do to keep the fire going? Make every hotel fall in love with you. With the right space-to-rooms ratio you’ll be able to negotiate one hot deal. …

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The one sentence you should never, ever put in your meeting RFP

Your windfall is directly related to the puzzle that hotel leadership deals with every day as they try to top off their hotel occupancy. You could quickly become a hero in your organization by finding the hotel that needs you to move to fill one of its occupancy holes. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen this sentence on a meeting RFP, I could buy a gumball for every Zentila user and still have enough left over to open my own candy store. Here’s the problem. When you acknowledge up front that you aren’t willing to consider a shift in dates, you’re not only limiting your potential hotel options but also the opportunity to find some really …