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How to help clients when the destination has been used several time for their meetings and events

Context: We organize this event 3 times per year; it is a meeting with the Directors of our European offices. –          We are you looking for 4 stars, 13 and 14 March (check out on 15 March); we would also need 6 Junior suites and 2 Superior suites –          Meeting on 13 March only, half day meeting, special set-up and video & sound equipment          –          1 meeting room, possibly with natural light –          Continuous coffee break in the meeting room + working dinner in the evening on March 13, in a private room –         We already have asked the Hôtel Régent Petite France and they have no availability. FYI we usually organize this event at the Hilton (or at the …

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How to organize a hospital Pharmacist Convention in Cannes?

Context: Training course for procurement staff from UN, Government, Aid organizations travelling from Africa, Middle East, Europe. Within a safe area with walking distance to/from the centre. The set-up of the room should be set up with a desk for the tutor; students should sit in groups of 5-6 at each table We would like to be quoted a 4 star hotel rate for a room with single occupancy non-smoking, with breakfast but cannot guarantee the rooms.

Successful Event Manager

10 Things a DMC Can Do for You

For many people, the organization of a corporate event in a distant city brings a lot of stress, strain and sleepless nights. That’s where a DMC comes in with its 360-degree scope of destination management experience. Now, let’s look ten things a DMC can do for you.

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Your Audiovisual Checklist

Most event venues usually have limitations regarding electricity, rigging and timing. The AV Company needs to ask the right questions to the event planner to ensure everything is intact. Entertainment for events often has a technical check-list. However, you need to hook up your entertainers to the AV Company. The AV Company should double check the equipment of your entertainers. Such precautions will prevent performers from bringing inferior equipment that could ruin the event. A great AV company should also be able to enhance the visual look and feel of an event. Thus, the AV Company needs to collaborate with the décor company in handling certain technical issues. For instance, if the décor company needs to hang something from the …