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New Trends Influence Planners

The importance of professional event planners getting acquainted with collaborative hospitality and travel trend cannot be overstated considering these trends are intricately connected to events, meetings and conferences. This is even more so if these said trends leave a lasting extensive impression. These services are generally embraced, trusted and used by young travelers and business professionals with a study by Allianz showing that about 60% of millennial knowing and using these services (Airbus, Uber, Lyft etc) and about 30% having plans of making use of these services at the very least once in the year. When it comes to transportation services, trends such as Uber and Blabla car services are taking over, with commuters considering these trendy non-conventional services as …

traveling tips

Tips Traveling to Events

Here are a few tips to make your planned trip a successful one. When planning for a trip (either for business or pleasure), there are some things to take into consideration depending on the purpose of your trip – either as an individual (business or pleasure) or as a professional event planner (business). Being prudent and having foresight about the big and minute details of your trip goes a long way in making your trip an overwhelming success and as an event planner, you give off a professional aura to delegates. Below are top tips that would make your travels successful. Professional event organizers/planners are almost always on the move and on a trip to satisfy clients’ needs planning conferences, …

Successful Event Manager

In negotiation; it’s all about timing.

This date isn’t your final decision date. Here are a couple of rules to remember about using the short list date. Combine that with the short list date and you have a recipe for a competitive bid process. Keep your short list date close to the date you sent the original RFP. You should need no more than a 3 – 5 days to review the proposals