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Context: Dear Valérie, I got your email address from my colleague Chirsten. I have 45 persons traveling to Lyon the 21 – 26th of February, for the 5 of them are attending the Bocuse D`Or finals. Is it possible to book excursions through you?  We need some cool activities; this is a high end trip. If you have some recommendations for exclusive vineyards, and activities that are to remember I appreciate this. They already got the hotel and flights. Do you have some information regarding excursions you have in this area, and the prices? I also have a group of 20 persons who also are traveling in the same period. So we will need some activities for them as well. Thanks …

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How we work

“Tailor-made and professionalism” Specially select teams for every project. To ensure each event gets the attention of the people who have the most relevant technical skills, languages, and knowledge. French-Events also draws on its extensive international network. To aim the best know-how, contacts and partnerships worldwide. The volume of business we generate gives us – and by implication our clients – greater bargaining power with suppliers, and in several cases, we have long-term contracts in place at advantageous rates with preferred vendors.

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Successful event managers, the Reasons to choose us.

While we are International, our offices operate locally in Paris and the Riviera. Led by experienced and knowledgeable teams, capable of bringing out the best and latest of every destination for every client. Our national coverage, allows us to offer the most suitable and cost effective destination solution for your meeting or event. Creativity and innovation that provide new elements in an event and meeting experience. In-house Creativity Centre of Excellency, providing full management of conceptualization, design, planning & delivering amazing events for all budgets. Throughout our 25 years history as a Destination Management Organizer industry leader. We’ve worked hard to do exactly that. We know that shared experiences create the opportunity to both inspire and be inspired, and inspired …

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We take care of your event

Whether you are hosting 20, 200, or 20,000, taking your people to an incentive trip to Paris, launching a new product in Nice, hosting an international sales meeting in Marseille, creating a special customer event in Lyon, recognizing an achievement or arranging medical discovery meetings in Montpellier, French Events helps you create an experience that feels just right. The advantage of face-to-face communication haven’t decreased in today’s technology flavour business world. In fact, Meetings & Conventions revealed that 91% of Top Senior Executives intent to spend as much, if not more, in face-to-face meetings, conferences, incentives, and other events as they did previously. “TAKE GREAT CARE OF EACH OF YOUR EVENTS” It is our Signature Value and it guides our …

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Give your attendees memorable onsite participation.

First impressions, they say, lasts longer and in the world of event planning, that couldn’t be truer. As an event organizer, you need to convey a message of class and panache to your guests, and nowhere better to deliver that message than in during their course of registration. Let’s begin with a few important things you need to take into consideration when planning an amazing experience for your participants: The more you minimize the need for your attendees to provide data about themselves, the better your chances of everything going smoothly. Your registration platforms should be integrated as that would allow for a smooth transfer of information between departments that may require them. Data such as schedules, meal preferences should …

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11 Ways to Act like a local in France

France holds the title for the most visited country in the world. It is more visited than the United States of America, attracting more than 83 million tourists yearly. The capital Paris is the most visited city in the world. It houses some of the outstanding museums, and cathedrals humanity has ever seen. The food is impeccable; they have some of the best bakers you can find anywhere around the globe. If you are an event organizer looking to have the ideal international meetings or luncheons, the city of Paris is an excellent choice. Throughout time, people have come to love this amazing country. Traveling to France is not as easy, though. The problem of accommodation is not easy to …

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Secret Incentive French Riviera

There is something quite special about organizing a corporate event in the sun in a natural bay, hidden by steep cliffs or lush forests. If you’re looking for tranquillity that is off the beaten path, here are seven secluded beaches on the French Riviera that you may want to use for a life experience. Most of the groups that we have taken to these hidden beaches had the opportunity to organize meals, peaceful activities and incredible moments. There are plenty of secret places on the French Riviera. Where you can take your people! Discover beautiful, unique and exclusive corners of paradise… is a selection of some “not to be missed” secret beaches to explore during your visit to the French …